34 Small Business TikTok Ideas for viral success 2023


Small business TikTok ideas
 Small business TikTok ideas

34 Small Business TikTok Ideas 

Recently, In the world of social media, TikTok marketing quickly become one of the best methods to showcase your business.

The short video app, released in 2022, has more than 1 billion monthly active users and is the most downloaded app in the Apple App Store in the second quarter of 2022 with more than 60 million downloads.

 TikTok is known for memes, challenges, dance and viral moments, TikTok has attracted top brands and small businesses alike. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a top seller that hasn't at least tried the app.

How do I start a small TikTok business?

To start a small businesses on TikTok, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Create engaging and creative content that appeals to your target audience.
  2. Use hashtags, trends and challenges to get your videos seen.
  3. Build a strong profile and engage with other users on the platform.
  4. Use TikTok ads to reach out to more people about your content.

We enlisted the help of a TikTok small business expert to give you some ideas to get you started. And, if you're already using TikTok, you might be able to get some new ideas.

TikTok business account vs creator account 

login tiktok with username

what aspect ratio is tiktok ? 

Why small businesses should be posting on TikTok

We’ve established that TikTok is popular, but does that mean it’s actually helping people discover your brand?

The answer is yes. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok doesn't just show you videos from people you already follow. The app's home page, dubbed "Recommended for you," is a constant stream of content mixed with TikTok videos from people you don't follow but that the app thinks you might like. This means potential customers are more likely to find your videos without going directly to your profile.

TikTok wants to keep people using the app for as long as possible by constantly providing you with new videos. That means, for example, if you sell scruunchies, TikTok wants to get your content in front of the people it has identified as enthusiasts. Additionally, according to a recent survey, 15% of adults and 36% of Gen Z have made a purchase based on TikTik.

TikTok can do wonders for your brand, but the trick is creating content that people actually want to see, like and share.

This unique approach to discoverability turned accounts into overnight stars and drove exponential growth in brand-published video content.

There's even an in-app #smallbusiness community for entrepreneurs to share and improve content with their own trends, sounds, and hashtags.

With a free TikTok business account, you can include your store's website on your bio and drive customers directly to your store. You can also add a Linkpop page so you can manage your online store, featured products, and other types of content through a single link. This is just one way to use Tik Tok as a monetization tool.

Meet your small business TikTok expert

Erin Dubs is the owner of Azur Fit, a fitness apparel brand she launched in August 2018 . She started out with tank tops, but demand expanded her collection to include leggings, sweatshirts, bras and swimwear.

Erin has amassed 126,000 followers on her TikTok account @erinndubs, where she promotes her business and offers a glimpse behind the scenes. 

"TikTok cannot be ignored," Erin said. "When you have it, it definitely takes you to the next level."

If she has a popular TikTok, the effect is immediate, she said.

"When that happens, there are always 300 people on the site throughout the day. It will get 60,000 views in a few days," she said.

When Erin first went viral on TikTok, her inventory was emptied.

Even TikToks with smaller views are valuable because they still drive so much traffic to her website and Instagram, she said. Other founders have seen similar results, using TikTok for business to raise awareness of their ventures.

“It refers to your website, and it does really well. So sometimes I just want that reminder, like, oh yeah, make a TikTok today.”

Small business TikTok ideas
Small business TikTok ideas

34 TikTok ideas you can use for your small business

You are authentic on tiktok? We talked to Erin about the tried-and-true format she uses, which you can try yourself.

Organizing inventory 

 If you are a small product-based business, you can specify how you want to organize your inventory. This content may be helpful to other small business owners, and will help your clients see all the hard work you put into them that they may not have thought of.

Showcasing the inner workings of businesses is one of the most popular types of videos companies post on TikTok.

Erin said “I always tell people to be transparent on TikTok,” ."People want to see evidence about your work, whether it's talking about your sales on launch day or shipping your first order ."

This doesn't mean you have to get into all the details, but showing how you run your business will give a human touch and satisfy curiosity. You'd be amazed at the things people find interesting that you probably just see in your everyday life.

Erin says "No matter what stage you're in, there are always things to talk about," .

Erin, for example, posted a video showing her stockroom getting ready for a pop-up event and receiving inventory through an office window. These ideas not only provide transparency but show that your product is popular.

  • also You can try filming TikTok from:
  • Celebrate milestones like your 100th sale or anniversary
  • Prepare for new product launches
  • Demonstrate how to design and select products.

@aliyahcosmeticss All my new inventory has arrived. I can’t wait to show my new gloss collection #smallbusiness #businessowner #gloss #lipgloss #lash #lashes #supportme ♬ original sound - goalsounds

Introduce yourself 

A great first TikTok video for small business owners is to introduce yourself. The more personal your business feels, the more people will resonate with it. Share your name, some fun facts about yourself, and a little bit about your business so people can get to know you as soon as they follow you.

Workspace Tour

Share your workspace with clients! You'll love seeing where your products are made. Do you have your own home office? Do you have retail outlets? Do you work at the kitchen table? By showing off your workplace, you help your clients identify with you more.

@ktscanvases where I work #fyp #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #officetour #smallbusinesscheck #foryoupage #onlinebusiness ♬ Buttercup - MixAndMash

Packing Orders

 One of the most common small business videos you're likely to see on TikTok is about packing orders. 

This is your chance to show potential customers what to expect when the package arrives. This is an especially good idea if you're adding things like giveaways, thank you notes, or special packaging.

Some businesses on TikTok even have customers request to see their order packaged in the video, which is a special bonus for them if you have the time. Remember to never give out the client's personal information such as his full name or address.

Seeing how a company packs an order is satisfying, and your customers will love seeing what happened before they received their order.

Erin implemented the idea by capturing the time-lapse of her and her staff packing an order.

@erinndubs @azurfit ♬ Chinese New Year - SALES

Small business TikTok ideas
Small business TikTok ideas

 How to Start

Before you start your business, you might like content on how to get started. Sharing how you started a business like yours can help other small business owners, and it's also fun for your customers to learn more about how you got started.

There are other small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on TikTok who would love advice, and you can offer it. When they are attracted to the suggestion, they can also become customers and help grow your following so more people see your TikToks.

Again, you don't have to reveal all your secrets, but transparency brings authenticity. Along the way, you'll also build your personal brand, become a leader and inspire others.

This format has been a winner for Erin and has attracted many followers. For example, Erin shared:

how to find the manufacturer

How to successfully launch a new product

What You Need To Do (And Not To Do!) To Start A Fitness Apparel Business

@ritaoffline #smallbusiness #businesstips #smallbusinesscheck #hustlecheck #sidehustle #business #smallukbusiness #onlinebusiness #businesscheck ♬ Lose Control - MEDUZA & Becky Hill & Goodboys

Best Marketing Channel

   Remember: TikTok is not LinkedIn. The entertainment element should be there. "I think the most effective thing is anything you can do to get people's attention, whether it's information, tips, something educational, or something fun and different," says Erin.

@erinndubs #entrepreneur #shopify #business ♬ original sound - Armando

 Obstacles you overcome
  Being a small business owner is not easy, and you may have overcome some obstacles along your entrepreneurial journey. Share with your client some of the struggles you encountered and how you overcame them.

@thesuburbanfarmhouse How we started our small business #smallbusinesscheck #etsy #etsyshop #womenwhobuild #smallbusiness #homeproject #farmhouse #farmhousedecor ♬ Sonic the Hedgehog - Super Guitar Bros

What You Wish You Knew 

 Another high-quality video content that small businesses can share on TiKTok is something they may have learned on their journey as a small business owner, or wish they had known sooner.

Mistakes You Make

People usually don’t notice the mistakes we make, but this is a great TikTok video to help other small business owners avoid the same mistakes, and it makes you more attractive so your customers can relate to you even more.

How to use products 

 In your small business, you probably do a lot of things on a daily basis, you can show customers behind-the-scenes footage while giving tips to your business colleagues such as Sending out PR packages, printing marketing materials, etc.

You don't want this to be the only type of TikTok you post, but you should definitely showcase your product or service.

The best way to do this is that showcasing your product in action. For Erin, this means wearing clothes to show herself, staff or models. This can be as simple as a quick change, or as complex as showing them how to style the clothes.

@rapunzille How to style the Rapunzille “Star Struck Ear Threaders” 2 ways. #jewelrybusiness #jewelryhack #howtostyle #jewelrytips #smallbusinesscheck ♬ How to style the Star Struck Ear Threaders - Rapunzille

Show off the details

 Do you have a product with amazing details? Share your up-close and personal observations of products to show what makes them special, but here are some ideas:

  1. Showing off the stretch of your fabric
  2. Showing a product resisting water or weather
  3. Showing how to use a skin care product
  4. Pairing jewelry with an outfit
  5. A timelapse of the burn time of a candle
  6. Creating a makeup look
  7. Cooking with your cookware or utensils
  8. Sipping from a handmade mug

New product launches 

You can even create buzz for new products by teasing them on TikTok before they launch. This gets customers ready to buy when the product is available, while also showing that you have the ability to grow your brand.

Erin did just that when she launched her swimwear line. She started with a model wearing a new bikini on the beach, followed by wearing a bikini herself and showing off the details, before posting a third TikTok with a trending dance and voice.

This is a great way to show what makes your products unique, establish demand for them, and talk about how you respond to your customers' needs.

@erinndubs do y’all like my hair!? Also I’m wearing a size medium! #entrepreneur #businessowner #smallbusiness #shopify #bossbitch ♬ Baby - Instrumental - Dibyo

 Know yourself or your employees

TikTok is an app driven by people and personalities

.TikToks where people just talk to the camera is the main source for the app, but you don't have to have the sparkle of a full-time influencer for this format to work for you.

People love getting to know the people behind a brand to add a human element. Seeing a face is also more attractive than a steady stream of products.

This can be a challenge if you're not used to being in front of the camera, but it will get easier over time as you become more familiar with the app.

Erin can be seen in her many TikToks, whether giving advice or modeling a product, and her co-workers (and office mascot!) also make appearances.

@erinndubs #office #mascot #frenchbulldog ♬ I look like this - Kéria Lové

Photoshoot Tips

 Did you take the photo yourself? Did you learn anything that could help other small business owners take better photos? This can be anything from how you style your photos for your Instagram photo shoot, such as the settings on a professional camera, or the type of lighting you use.

@westmain #howto #flatlay #flatlays #smallbusiness #smallbusinesscheck #photoshoot #photo #flatlayphotograpy ♬ original sound - Shop West Main

The first is a duet

Once enabled, you can create a TikTok with other people's videos next to it. This is a fun way to respond to customers who create videos to showcase their orders or review your products. Also you can encourage people posting these kinds of videos by offering discount codes.

@erinndubs Reply to @harjanbadesha #ecommerce #shopify #businesstiktok #entrepreneur #business #smallbusiness #businesshacks ♬ Buttercup - Jack Stauber

Interact with customers

TikTok's tools facilitate interaction in a variety of ways.

Another option is to create videos based on comments. When a customer asks a question or compliments you, you can click reply and shoot a video with their comment overlaid.

For example, in this TikTok, when asked how she packs an order, Erin responded by shooting a video to demonstrate the process.

Either way, engaging with customers will make them feel valued and valued, and give you another option for posting content.

@erinndubs Reply to @harjanbadesha #ecommerce #shopify #businesstiktok #entrepreneur #business #smallbusiness #businesshacks ♬ Buttercup - Jack Stauber

 Find trends

If you're really looking for an idea, TikTok will never be short of popular sounds, stickers, memes or challenges.

It takes some time to scroll through TikTok and see what's trending right now. Following other businesses and seeing what they post is a great way to get inspired.

In the post, Erin used a trending sound to make a joke about her expenses.

“When I have free time myself, I scroll TikTok for an hour,” Erin said. “I just listened to the sound and thought: How can I apply this in my office? How can we put a skit together, or apply it to something interesting that happened recently, even if it’s not necessarily business related ?”

Getting on top of TikTok trends is also a great way to keep your videos going as people look for a specific sound or meme.

Favorite DIY

 With tons of DIY videos on TikTok, sharing one of your favorite DIYs is a great way for your clients to get to know you outside of work. Let your followers experience a typical day as a small business owner! Show off the few things you do throughout the day. Is there a DIY you like to do in your free time that you can share with your followers like how to garden, tie dye or draw? 

 Success story

There are many success stories on TikTok. What will be yours? Can you share your greatest accomplishment? Or have you achieved something in your small business that you are really proud of? Don't be afraid to brag a little!

@tinachencraig How to turn your passion into a career #learnfromme #edutok ♬ オリジナル楽曲 - 🐷きょっちゃん🐽 - きょっちゃん

About your business name

explain how you made your business name! Most of your customers probably have no idea what your business name stands for. Tell me how you came up with the name and what it means.

@whatevalola My name isn’t Lola... but here’s why I named my shop “Whateva Lola” 🌈🐶 #smallbusiness #doglove #fyp #shihtzu #puppy #storytime ♬ original sound - whatevalola

 Meet Your Pets

 Who wouldn't want to see cute animals on TikTok? Show off your furry co-workers in your TikTok videos.

@ciaraturnerart What a day of packaging orders looks like!! 💖 #fyp #foryou #smallbusiness #businesscheck #xyzbca ♬ Moon (And It Went Like) - Kid Francescoli & Julia Minkin

 Start to Finish Timelapse

It can be fun to watch something at high speed and see the whole process of making something from start to finish. Show anything you want in high-speed time-lapse: a day in your life, how you make a product, even how you decorate a reception desk.

 Your inspiration

Another type of video that resonates on TikTok is inspirational videos. Share what motivates and inspires you as a small business owner or what happened when you first had an idea for a startup! which can sometimes be a big differentiator in the marketplace. This could be your family, community service, your favorite food, and more.

Supplies needed

One TikTok video idea you might not have thought of is sharing all the tools you need to run your businessFor example, if you're a professional voice-over talent, please share more about the type of microphone you use, how you soundproof a room, and how you read scripts. This content will be helpful and interesting to other or aspiring small business owners, and will help your customers learn all about your business!

@geraldandfaith BE A CEO — found these on Amazon #businesscheck #smallbusiness #businesstips #ceoof #myaesthetic #relationshiptips #PlayWithLife ♬ original sound - Gerald & Faith

 The Best sellers

Showcase your best selling products or services! Highlight one or two of your most popular products and explain why people love them. This is a great video to watch if you've restocked some of your best sellers lately.

Product Displays

everyone loves when a super satisfying video pops up in their tiktok feed ? For example, if you're a baker, can you share a video of a perfectly glazed cake? Or, if you're a chiropractor, can you share a super satisfying back crack? You might be surprised how well these types of TikTok videos perform!

Most requested service

Are you a service business? Share a quick overview of the services you need most and how they work.This will help enlighten customers who might be interested in learning more or seeing what they're getting when they sign up with you.

Share a discount code

Who doesn't love a sale? If you have a limited-time sale on your website or store, or if you have a discount on your services, offer your TikTok followers an exclusive discount code to encourage them to visit your website to redeem their discount code. be sure to share it with your customers on TikTok. 

Listing Products Online

What your customers may not have thought of is the job of listing your products online. Share everything that goes into creating an actual listing for your product. This may include photo shoots, copywriting and some backend website work. Maybe you can even give your customers a taste of a new product that's coming soon!

Small business TikTok ideas
Small business on TikTok

 Stock Updates

 Are you researching new products or services that are about to be released ? do you restock one of your bestsellers ? Build excitement for stock updates by announcing when your product will next be available.

 Ask for follows

TikTok is not your primary social media account, and it is perfectly acceptable to ask your followers to also follow you on Instagram or Facebook for content. If you ask your TikTok followers to follow you on another social media platform, be sure to give them a good reason why they should follow you too.

 Host a giveaway

Just like you can host a giveaway on Instagram or Facebook, you can host a giveaway on TikTok. Just make sure it's easy for people to enter to increase the number of people who participate.

 Shout-Out to Other Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you know the importance of supporting a small business and what it means to you when someone shows your support. Why not share the love? Shout out to some of your personal favorite little ones

@madebybusby Small biz shoutout to mintmakerstudio cause look at these fab stamps 👏🏻#fyp #shopsmall #foryoupage #shophandmade ♬ When Will I See You Again - Shakka

Reasons to Shop Small

 Help raise awareness of why supporting small and local businesses is so important and share your favorite reasons to shop small.

 Say thank you

Finally, don’t forget to say thank you to all of your customers, friends, family, and local community members who have supported your small business.

@baycreekandco I can’t wait to get back to normal and open up Baycreek & Co! #womeninbusiness #entrepreneurlife #modernfarmhouse #homedecor #ourcommunity #boutique ♬ Hold My Hand - Jess Glynne
Small business TikTok ideas
Small business TikTok

On TikTok, authenticity is key

Erin stumbles upon her TikTok strategy, but it's an important lesson about authenticity. Viewers on TikTok don't just want to be sold, they want to be inspired or entertained by real people.

In fact, it took Erin two tries for finding her sweet spot on TikTok . She originally launched @AzurFit to show behind the scenes of her products and photo shoots. But she realized that while she gained some followers and views, it wasn't translating into sales. Viewers don't really become new customers.

She left the account for a while before restoring the app and switching the account to her name. This time, she took a more personal approach, showing off her personality or participating in challenges.

Then one day a commenter asked her how she runs her business and she answered some questions. She started posting about her business on TikToks and offering advice. This opened up a whole new target group for her.

Since then, she's had several viral TikToks, gained followers and increased sales.

"It's really cool. Instead of talking about my product directly, I'm giving business tips that translate into sales," she said.

She realized that taking a more human approach, rather than just pushing the product, could actually sell her clothes.

Get out there and do some TikTok magic

By now, you should have some small business tiktok ideas for getting started with TikTok or recovering your account. there are different ways to use Each format . So if you only use these ideas, you can post regularly.

TikTok is fickle, and it's important to know the best time to post on TikTok. Some videos become success stories and some don't - you just have to keep trying new ideas and experimenting. you never know when you'll be big . There's always the potential for something simple and unremarkable to go viral, Erin said.

"It's awesome. It's free advertising, otherwise you'd spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get that kind of attention. So why not try it?"

Small business TikTok ideas FAQ

Is TikTok good for small business?

Yes, TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform with over 1 billion monthly users, allowing your brand to reach a broad audience.

What is the most popular small business on TikTok?

According to the analysis of Money.co.uk, the most popular small business and industry on TikTok is beauty , with a total of 61.7923 million likes on popular videos.

Does it cost to have a TikTok business account?

No, creating a TikTok business account is free.