what aspect ratio is tiktok ? be proffeshional tiktoker


what aspect ratio is the best for tiktok ?
 aspect ratio TikTok 

what aspect ratio is the best for tiktok ?

TikTok is the latest frontier in video content marketing, and now is the best time to get started on TikTok . In early 2019, it was the third most downloaded app in the world, growing to 500 million users in its first year . TikTok platform is becoming a great place for businesses to grow .

TikTok is a funnier, more informal, and more relaxed social media platform than many of its predecessors, which means you can expect more spontaneity in your videos .

The last thing you want is for TikTok to shrink or crop TikTok videos, if you want your videos to be really engaging, we've answered all your questions in this guide Here's the Best Video Format for TikTok How to Convert Videos to Portrait or vertical format and customize for free online, and the ideal size for match stories . This way, viewers watch your video exactly the way you want it to be seen .

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What does POV mean on TikTok ?

TikTok Video Specs for High-Quality Videos

‍Has your video ever looked perfect on your phone, only to look pixelated, distorted, or cropped after you posted it ?

To avoid TikTok converting your video to specs that may be technically problematic, please convert your video to the appropriate size before uploading .

Don't worry, optimizing your TikTok videos are easier than you think . Below are TikTok best practices for video file size,length , and dimensions .

TikTok Video Specs for High-Quality Videos
tiktok dimensions

What size are TikTok videos ?

    ‍When we talk about TikTok video size, we are probably referring to a few things . One size meaning is video size and resolution . The size and resolution of TikTok Classic videos is 1080 x 1920 pixels, which is the standard portrait size for most smartphones . Videos shot in TikTok automatically use this canvas size, but you can resize to these dimensions using TikTok's smart optimizer tool or an online video editor .

    Another meaning of size is file size, measured in megabytes (MB) . Android's Newsfeed video has a maximum file size of 72MB, while Apple's is 287 .76MB . The maximum size for TikTok video ads is 500MB .

    TikTok Video Dimensions & Formatting

    • TikTok video dimensions and resolution : 1080x1920
    • TikTok canvas size : 1080x1920
    • TikTok ad max file size : reach to 500 MB
    • TikTok newsfeed video max file size 287 .76 MB for Apple and 72 MB for Android
    • File Format : MP4 and  .MOVFile Format for ads : MP4,  .MOV,  .AVI, and  .GIF
    We will talk about these dimensions in detail :

    TikTok Video Dimensions : Portrait or Landscape ?

    Portrait Mode is the ideal TikTok video format because the platform is designed for viewing on mobile phones!

    While you can post videos in landscape orientation, we don't recommend it . Portrait mode lets you maximize every pixel of space on your smartphone screen to grab people's attention .

    How long can videos be on TikTok ?

    1. The maximum length of a TikTok video is 3 minutes .
    2. Just because you can post up to 180 seconds doesn't mean you should . TikTok algorithm penalizes you for posting too many videos with high abandonment rates
    3. Count every second by cropping your video to make sure your entire video is compelling, otherwise your audience will keep scrolling .

    best file format for TikTok
    best file format for TikTok

    What’s the best file format for TikTok ?

    Both the.MP4 and.MOV file types are supported by TikTok, but.The better file for TikTok is MP4, which offers more flexibility.

    There are a number of reasons why you should use rather than, even though both function perfectly well on TikTok and viewers won't be able to tell the difference.instead of MP4.MOV . Apple's native file format, MOV, has a tendency to have bigger file sizes, making it more work for you to resize the video before uploading or converting it to share with others.

    TikTok Video Ad Specs

    With over 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok is a smart advertising investment for brands and content creators . If you're spending money on ad placements (they're not cheap!), make sure you have the best TikTok format for the best ROI on your ad spend .

    Another important thing to note about TikTok ads is that they must have background music or sounds enabled . Even with sound, it makes sense to add a title and text to draw attention to a scrollbar that doesn't have sound .

    Brands and content creators looking to advertise on TikTok have two video ad formats to choose from : in-feed video ads and newsfeed video ads .

    In-Feed TikTok Video Ads

    The main way people see ads is when they scroll and see their feed, known as standard ads or feed TikTok video adsTikTok's Algorithm Places Paid Video Ads Between Content From People You Follow .

    The in-feed TikTok ad spec is similar to an organic news feed video because it is placed in the feed . Advertisers can use higher video quality (up to 500MB) or post . MP4, MPEG, MOV, or AVI files .

    In-feed video ads include the subject of the video, the ad's display image, the brand or app name, and a description of the ad .

    While 1 :1 and 16 :9 Aspect Ratios are acceptable, as a best practice, shoot video in portrait orientation (16 :9Video Resolution : 720 x 1280 px, 640 x 640 px, or 1280 x 720 px .) so that it fills as much of the screen as possible .

    In-feed video ads shouldn't feel like traditional ads . Make your ad feel like organic content as viewers scroll through their feed . People are more likely to interact when entertained or informed than when they are interrupted .

    For best results, In-Feed TikTok video ads should be between 5 and 16 seconds long .

    Newsfeed TikTok Video Ads

    Newsfeed TikTok video ads are sponsored content that appear in dedicated placements . TikTok has created these opportunities for advertising through partnerships with BuzzVideo, TopBuzz, News Republic, and Babe . 

    These ads are composed of the video creative, brand or app name, and ad description and can appear in several different placements :

    Featured newsfeed under the Discover tab in TikTok

    Detail page ads, displayed below the content of video or article pages

    Post-video ads, which appear after the video has finished playing

    Newsfeed TikTok Video Ad Specifications

    1. Aspect Ratio : 9 :16 or 1 :1

    2. Video Resolution : should be 720 x 1280 px, 640 x 640 px, or 1280 x 720

    3. File Type : MP4, MPEG, MOV, or AVI files

    4. File Size : Less than 500 MB
    5. For best results, In-Feed TikTok video ads should be between 5 and 60 seconds long .
    How to Resize a TikTok Video Online ?
     Resize a TikTok Video Online

    How to Resize a TikTok Video Online ?

    Don't worry if your video doesn't conform to TikTok video format . In the next section, we'll share with you the best tools to resize and convert your videos to the format required by the platform, and of course it's free, no download required .

    Therefore, if your video was captured on a device other than TikTok's built-in camera, you will need to resize your video before uploading it to TikTok .

    : If you don't know how to customize video dimensions 

    1 . using Adobe Express for putting a Video in TikTok Format

    Adobe Express is the most practical solution to have videos in TikTok format . With it, you can edit professional-quality videos in seconds for free . Optimize your TikTok feed videos with a quick and easy video resizing tool . Upload your video, choose a preset size for TikTok, and upload your video instantly to share with your followers .

    2 . Using Kapwing for Convertting Videos for TikTok

    Kapwing is an online tool to resize TikTok video files for free . It helps you to resize landscape video to vertical video or fill video to vertical video by adding padding to it . Covers all common size options whether 1 :1, 9 :16, 16 :9, 5 :4 or 4 :5 . In addition, you can also fill in the video from 4 aspects : bottom,top,  left, and right . You are free to choose the background color for the fill . Unwanted video borders can also be removed using the “Remove Padding” function .

    3 . Using Clideo for Resizing the Video to Vertical Format

    Clideo is a free additional solution to convert videos to TikTok format . This free tool features the ability to resize videos for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks . Additionally, the platform offers an iPhone app that allows you to convert files without going through a website . Moreover, Clideo guarantees the same quality of converted videos, and you can choose to download videos in TikTok format or save them to Dropbox and Google Drive .

    Use Boosted to create TikTok videos

    Inspite, TikTok has an excellent native audio recorder with some really cool effects . You might want to use an app like Boosted to create the video, then upload it to TikTok .

    Here's why :

    • Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can adapt content you've used on other platforms to TikTok .
    • You are not limited by the time limit (since, as mentioned above, you can upload videos longer than 60 seconds) .
    • Boosted has unique effects and templates that help you easily create creative and beautiful videos .

    Action Item :

    1. If you plan to upload your video to TikTok instead of using the native recorder, make sure the specs are optimized for TikTok .
    2. If your video needs tweaking - or if you want to tweak it to get it just right - use Boosted to edit and perfect it

    can i Crop a TikTok Video on a Phone ?

    Unfortunately, TikTok does not allow cropping the size of videos within the app itself . So let's see how to do it on your phone .

    Since every phone has slightly different camera capabilities and dimensions, it's best to download the InShot video editing app on iOS or Android to standardize the process . you won't believe how easy it is

    1. Open the InShot app and choose the type of content you want to work with (video, photo, or collage), then upload the clip or photo you've already taken .
    2. Once you've done this and clicked “Select”, a set of editing tools will appear . Click "Canvas" on the left .
    3. At the bottom of the  “Canvas” options, you'll see various aspect ratios for different social platforms . Pick one from TikTok, and it's 9 :16 (it even includes the TikTok logo to make things easier) .
    4. Then all you have to do is edit the clip as you want and click the export button on the top right . (It's an icon that looks like a square with an arrow .) Voila, you have a cropped video to post to TikTok!

    is it possible to Reduce the Length of a Video on TikTok ?

    Once you have cropped video according to size, what if you want to crop the length of the content ? There are two separate but similar processes for reducing the length of videos on TikTok, depending on whether you use saved clips in the app or downloading a saved video to your phone .

    • Open your TikTok app and click the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to create a new video
    • Tap the glowing red button to save your video, then tap the red check mark when you're done shooting .
    • If you also want to trim the length of the video itself, click the "Adjust Clips" icon on the right side of the screen . From here you can move the red brackets on the video to resize the clip .
    • Click the record button when you’re done, and ready to go!

    How to Fix Poor-quality TikTok Videos When Recording ?

    To fix poor quality TikTok videos, you need to manually set the highest video quality before recording . Choose 1080p video quality and 30 frames per second or higher for the best TikTok video quality . With the settings right, you can create high-quality TikToks in no time .

    1. If you're shooting in low light, a lower video resolution like 720p or 480p may be better for your video .
    2. Before you start recording, make sure you're using the rear camera and not the front selfie cam . Your smartphone's rear camera tends to offer better resolution and video quality .
    3. Data saving mode in TikTok settings can also make your videos look blurry while recording . To turn off Data Saver, go to Settings & Privacy → Cache & Cellular Data → Data Saver → Off .

    What is the best Format of an Instagram Reel ?

    If you also create reels and use Instagram's camera to record your footage, you don't have to worry about file size . However, if your as file contains uploaded video, make sure your file size and dimensions are correct to avoid blurry and poorly composed final renders .

    Like TikTok videos and Instagram stories, reels are a mobile format designed to take up an entire vertical screen . The recommended aspect ratio for film is 9 :16, and the recommended size is 1080 x 1920 pixels .

    Wrapping Up

    As we've seen in this guide, the ideal video format for TikTok is 9 :16 . Your video dimensions should be 1080 x 1920 and the video should fill the entire canvas . Your video should have a 150px top and bottom border and a 64px left and right border .

    If your video doesn't fit in this format and its dimensions, you can use online tools and apps to resize your video and fit it in the best TikTok format . Time to start recording your next video!

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