16 Reasons Why Your tiktok ads not delivering -fix it now


TikTok ads not delivering
TikTok ads not delivering 

tiktok ads are not delivering

Compared with traditional digital marketing, TikTok has completely changed the way of advertising. While it doesn't offer many formats, there is a huge audience waiting for brands and businesses to grab their attention. As good as TikTok ads are, your tiktok ads not deliveringTikTok ads can be very useful, but only if they are placed properly. 

 So, in this article, we list 16 Reasons Why Your TikTok Ads Are Not Delivering and how to fix it. Read on and find out what is wrong.

1. Ad Consistency cause TikTok ads not delivering

TikTok offers a variety of ways to create a great ad for your business. Templates, songs, fonts, filters, you name it! However, your ad elements such as headlines, text, images, video, calls to action, and other content must always be consistent with the product or service you're promoting. For example, you show one product in your video, but it shows a completely different product on your landing page, so your ad gets disapproved. Additionally, the ad description must match the corresponding ad image or video.

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2. Ad Caption, Text, Image and Video Issues cause TikTok ads not delivering

Always watch your grammar! try to avoid any spelling or grammatical mistakes in your TikTok ads. Incorrect display name on TikTok ads will prevent TikTok ads not delivering. So, always double-check before the start!  no matter how much it may look creative ro witty, never use gimmicks with capitalization, symbols, or spacing in your captions. 

Display name will be your brand’s identity. This has to be consistent with the promoted website or app's product /brand/company name. You can fix this error by using your brand name as your display name

3. Unsuitable TikTok Ads video size cause TikTok ads not delivering

Keep the images clean, without any blurs, hidden spots, or some kind of watermark on them, If you use the background, you should avoid using black or white ones.

Videos and audio in the ad must be provided in high resolution, using standard tiktok Video size is 1080×1920

or tiktok advertising specs:

  • Vertical (9:16)
  • ​Square (1:1)
  • Horizontal (16:9)

, otherwise, your ad will never run!

4. Adult Se*xual Content Issue cause TikTok ads not delivering

Any content that is overly suggestive or provocative, showing na*.ked or private body parts, some brands and companies should remember that advertisements must not show excessive skin, otherwise the content will be blocked by regulations! Also, please don't forget that minors should not appear in your ads.

TikTok ads not delivering
TikTok ads not delivering

5. Misleading Claims Issue cause TikTok ads not delivering

Some of these TikTok filters can be used to highlight the benefits of your product or service, but keep them away from your ad. Why? Ads should not depict overachievers or brand promises. Be careful with what you say and don’t make absolute claims about your brand without supporting them with evidence. Don't brag about yourself by making malicious comparisons to competing brands or by claiming how much cheaper your product is.. Keep in mind that creatives and landing pages that feature performance promises and time-bound claims may also be limited for certain types of restrictions, too.

 Unsuitable content 

6. Outdated TikTok ads content cause TikTok ads not delivering

Festive promotions (such as Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.) may run the month before and after these events. After this period of time, the ad will not perform as expected.

For example, the TikTok ads product for Christmas will be active between November 25 and January 10.

7.  Repurposing content and ads from other platforms 

Many advertisers tend to save time by using TikTok ads videos uploaded to other platforms like Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. But didn't you know that TikTok ads videos also have different standards than Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or YouTube ads. Therefore, reusing content from other platforms for TikTok ads can lead to poor performance of your TikTok ads.

TikTok ads are not delivering
TikTok ads not delivering

8. Currency unit must suit TikTok ads targeting the country

The currency unit must match that of TikTok ads targeting the intended country. If you already have Currency Convert installed, you can use it normally.

We do not recommend posting TikTok ads targeting multiple countries in one ad group. If an advertiser targets multiple countries in one ad group, the TikTok ads system will send the ad group to multiple teams from different countries for check.

Advertisers should be divided into many different ads groups. It works better if each TikTok ads group only targets one country. Dividing into many different ad groups has many benefits. It helps to know in which countries your ads are effective. Also, it helps your TikTok ads to reach your target customers as each country has different requirements for TikTok ads.

9. Sensational and Shocking Content

Advertisers must refrain from using cruel or graphic images that may shock and intimidate users in any way or give them an uncomfortable experience. Accidents, crime and horror scenes, waste of people or animals, excessive violence or cruelty and any dangerous behavior without safety protection are taboo. This is very important for brands and companies in the beauty industry, where dirt in the pores or hair being pulled is strictly prohibited.

Be wary of alcohol, gambling and lotteries, religion and culture, weight control. These themes are strictly prohibited.

10. Restricted Content cause TikTok ads not delivering

Even some topics that you might not have thought of might be banned in your market. For example, ads for products or services made especially for children, including toys, games, apps, and clothing. The U.S. also prohibits advertising specifically aimed at children, even if the product is intended for a general audience. Be sure to check the advertising regulations in your country.

 TikTok ads don’t spend cause TikTok ads are not delivering

11. The low bid price

If your bid is low, your ad won't be able to compete with competitors' ads for impressions and clicks. TikTok therefore restricts the display and delivery of your TikTok ads.

12. Unattractive TikTok ads content

If your ad isn't compelling enough, customers won't click on it. This leads to superficial customer interaction, and TikTok immediately limits your ad impressions.

13. Overlapping customer target

This means you are targeting too many user bases and setting too many criteria for your ad. Therefore, TikTok will work hard to analyze to show the right audience.

14. Too deep targeting

Targeting too deeply can reduce the effectiveness of your ad by reducing the base of users who can reach your ad.

TikTok ads not delivering
TikTok ads not delivering

15. Incorrect target

If you target the wrong customers, your ad will get very little interaction. Also, these customers will get angry and report your ad. Therefore, TikTok will limit your advertising and cause TikTok not spending.

16. Personal ads account

TikTok will clearly distinguish between personal accounts and agency accounts . Not spending money or spending money slowly is also a big disadvantage of personal accounts

If you want an agency account, don’t hesitate to contact our support team or visit our website.

How to Fix tiktok ads not delivering ?

If you are not targeting your product to the desired audience, your sales will not be satisfactory. In extreme cases, your advertisement may even receive fewer views in some reports. Therefore, addressing your target audience is crucial.

Here are some steps to follow to create a Custom Audience on TikTok

TikTok ads not delivering

1. Change Funnel Objective

You can change your ad to top funnel and get more traffic. Tiktok has 4 funnels site visit, product view, add to cart, checkout and purchase change funnel goals

Just change your funnel object to another one and you will get more traffic.

2. Bidding Strategies

You must start your Ad campaign with the most cost-effective option. Then slowly and steadily increase the budget. This method drives the most effective traffic to your ad.

However, you have to pay close attention and keep the price in line with the changes.

3. Target a Broader Audience

The Tiktok algorithm is better for a broad audience. So instead of choosing a narrow audience, try to broaden your audience. However, keep an eye out for relevant audience lists, or your TikTok ads will be reported quickly.

4. Increase the Daily Budget

Your ad won't leave Learning Face unless you increase your budget. If your budget is too low, even if you get good traffic to begin with, your ads will eventually go into decline.

For the US client base, we recommend starting with at least $100 per day.

5. Wait for Results

Many users panic when their ad doesn't return for the first few hours. They lost their cool and started making changes early on. Don't panic like they did and wait at least 48 hours before making any changes. Hope this article helps! We wish you will have alot of win campaigns soon!