tiktok business account vs creator account -Before it's too late


tiktok business account vs creator account
tiktok business account vs creator account

TikTok Business account vs Creator account

If you haven't heard, With over 1 billion users every month, TikTok is here to stay . Whether you're a business content creator, or an individual user, it's important to understand the difference between a TikTok business account vs creator account . Do you know what's the best type of TikTok account for your brand ?

 These two TikTok account types have different features and benefits such as, Going live on TikTok - but which one is best for you ? We'll go over the pros and cons of each account type, then walk you through choosing the suitable account you should use .

What is a TikTok Business Account ?

A TikTok business account is a public professional account that provides access to the app's entire suite of marketing tools . This type of account is perfect for brands and businesses that want to make a splash on the platform and develop a cohesive marketing strategy .

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Pros of a TikTok Business Account
Pros of a TikTok Business Account

Pros of a TikTok Business Account

Visit TikTok's business suite . One of the biggest benefits of a business account is access to TikTok's business suite . This includes access to:

Access to special features 

  • TikTok analytics: This tool will help you understand your performance on the social network so you can manage your marketing strategy in the right direction .
  • TikTok ads: The TikTok business account offers more sophisticated advertising tools than the creator one, which can help you reach a broader and better-targeted audience on TikTok, make followers navigate to your website . The TikTok workspace includes promotion tools designed to guide you in your promotional efforts .
  • Commercial music library with over 1 million commercially licensed songs and sounds you can experiment with in your TikTok videos . Brands can also create their own TikTok trends and voices using the tools and resources available .
  • Business Creative Hub: This space is dedicated to providing you with inspiration, tips and trends to boost your marketing efforts on TikTok .

Access to all of these features is a great way to monitor your performance and ensure your brand is reaching the right audience .

TikTok store for eCommerce brands

Use an eCommerce storefront . Another huge benefit — especially for e-commerce brands — is the ability to create your own TikTok store . Social shopping is the next generation of e-commerce, with TikTok Shop you can showcase all your products directly in the app, making it super easy for customers to buy . Followers can browse your products, then check out instantly through Shopify .

Traffic generation to external websites

As a tiktok business account, you can add links to external websites in your bio . you should use this opportunity to drive traffic to your website or a specific marketing campaign .

Messaging opportunities

A business account lets you message anyone, while a creator account restricts you to your friends list . also You can set up automatic replies to new direct messages to start a proper communication with your audience .

Cons of a TikTok Business Account
Cons of a TikTok Business Account

Cons of a TikTok Business Account

There are many benefits to a business account, but every rose has its thorns .

Limited access to the library of sounds

With more legal loopholes for brands to work around, TikTok offers business accounts royalty-free access to commercial sound clips rather than the entire audio library .

This may limit the sound bytes your business can use, but it also enables you to be more creative with your video content . Here is your silver lining! Plus, brands can always create their own soundbytes as they create their own renditions of ongoing TikTok trends .

This is the time to be creative and create your own sounds for your brand videos .

Limited duet and stitching options

Because of this limitation on sound bytes, it means brands are also limited in what TikTok videos they can splice or duet . Any videos with non-commercial audio cannot be brand merged or reproduced .

Lack of access to Creator Programs

If you are using a TikTok business account, you will not have access to all Creator programs that provide you with additional monetization opportunities, such as Fund, Creator Next, etc .

What is a TikTok creator account ?

TikTok creator accounts are also considered personal accounts . Its primary purpose is to provide the needs of any creators . like  influencers, artists, musicians and anyone who wants to express themselves on TikTok . 

While TikTok used to have two types of professional accounts — business or creator — that were separate from personal accounts, in August 2021 they converted all creator accounts to personal .

Influencers can still work with brands, get verified, and build massive followings, even with so-called personal accounts .

Pros of a TikTok creator account
Pros of a TikTok creator account 

Pros of a TikTok creator account 

we will show you some advantages of a tiktok creator account :

Full audio library access

With the Creator account, This is probably the biggest benefit of having a TikTok creator account . You have full access to popular songs, popular music and all other audio clips available in the app . Creators and influencers can use any available sound clips and create their own .

Stitch and duet opportunities

Unlike the TikTok business account owners, creator accounts can stitch or duet any video, allowing them to respond to or complement stories in other creator or brand videos .

Access to limited TikTok analytics

For manufacturers or personal accounts to access analytics, they must post at least one public video . You can monitor the analytics of your account to formulate your strategy . The insights you get in a Creator account are more limited than in a Business account, however they can still help you understand your TikTok's performance and results .

Promotion of videos

Creator accounts, like brand and business accounts, have access to a "promote" option so they can increase the reach of certain videos -- especially sponsored videos .

Access to Creator Programs

Eligible to join the TikTok Creator Fund . Creator accounts can access the TikTok Creator Fund, monetize their account and get incentivized to create better content .

Likewise, creator accounts gain access to the TikTok Creator Next program, which allows TikTok users to accept tips from their top followers .

Cons of a TikTok creator account
Cons of a TikTok creator account

Cons of a TikTok creator account 

No website link in the profile

Unable to add website to profile . TikTok business accounts can instantly add a website link to their bios,  which is an excellent opportunity to create traffic to their website, while creator accounts must reach 1,000 followers to add a link .

No advanced management tools

Native-only account management . Unlike business accounts and creator accounts cannot be connected to social media management tools . Brands should stick with business accounts, even if they don't have access to all Soundbytes . This is not least because brands could face lawsuits if they were an actual business and used unlicensed music .

No direct messaging with the broader audience

Creator accounts can only communicate directly with people on their friends list, while business account holders can connect with anyone on TikTok . This limits your communication options somewhat .

Deciding between a TikTok Business vs . creator account ?

Before opening a new social media account on TikTok, you should have answered a few questions, including: Is my target audience on TikTok ? doesTikTok help me achieve my social media aims ?

As for the type of TikTok account you should create, TikTok wants to keep it simple: businesses will choose TikTok business account, and creators will stick with creator or personal accounts .

However, sometimes it's not that simple . There is something for everyone, and no one account type "has it all ." Which one should you choose ?

Consider all the pros and cons of each account type to see which one is really worth it . For example, as a company, it's a shame not to have access to a full library of sounds . But is it worth risking a lawsuit just because you want to use a trending sound ?

Switch to a Business Account

To switch your account type:

  1. first, from TikTok app, tap Profile at the bottom .
  2. Tap the Menu button at the top .
  3. Tap Settings and privacy .
  4. Tap Manage account .
  5. Click Switch to Business Account and follow the instructions to complete .

Note: After weighing the pros and cons, Pick your account type and stick with it, and We advise against switching back and forth from a Business to a Personal account . If you want to promote your business on TikTok, but also post natural, personal content, we recommend doing both activities on separate accounts

Get started with your own TikTok account

Start with your own TikTok account, be it a business account vs Creator Accounts - Now you know which account type is best for you and your business .

This video will help you to create a TikTok business account  :