The Best tiktok advertising examples in 2023


tiktok advertising examples
tiktok advertising examples

The Best tiktok ads examples

Want some ideas for your TikTok ads ? We've chosen some of the top tiktok advertising examples from around the world that are sure to spark your imagination .

TikTok is one of the best options for brands looking for serious exposure, with over 1 billion monthly active users (and over 130 million in the United States alone) .

Although users' mimicking of one another's dance moves gave the platform its initial notoriety, TikTok advertising offers businesses the chance to connect with consumers in ways that have never been possible before .
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What is the best tiktok advertising examples ?

was one of the key questions that kept coming up when TikTok first entered the digital advertising scene . This wasn't an easy question to answer at first . Although some tiktok ads examples were able to achieve extremely high performance, it wasn't exactly clear what benchmarks were being hit in order to achieve these strong results because TikTok advertising was new and best practises weren't defined .

This meant a period of experimenting, trying out fresh ideas, and evaluating what works and, more importantly, what doesn't for many of the early adopters . In fact, this unconventional strategy is now widely regarded as a platform best practise, with TikTok advertisers rewarded for breaking the mould and capitalising on the constantly evolving trends that are developing naturally .

copying and pasting creative from other platforms was a common, ineffective strategy for TikTok adsBusinesses frequently combine different ad formats from the platform's five different categories . Let’s take a look at some inspirational ad campaigns that are sure to give some great TikTok ideas .

The Best TikTok Hashtag Challenge Examples

A Hashtag Challenge is a key component of some of the best TikTok advertising campaigns . Branded hashtag challenges aim to increase engagement and brand awareness . When a user taps on a hashtag, the brand's landing page opens and displays additional curated videos with that hashtag .

Packages for three or six days are available . According to TikTok, branded hashtag challenges have an engagement rate of 8 .5% on average .

Here are three of the most inventive hashtag challenge ads .

@daisyjelley With Christmas a little different this year, we’re bringing the @boss store windows to life on TikTok this Christmas #MerryBOSSmas #Ad ♬ BOSS - LODEF ft. Fleur East

Boss – #MerryBOSSmas

One of the best TikTok ads in living memory was produced by fashion brand BOSS . The international campaign, which featured well-known celebrities, TikTok creators, and influencers from all over the world, was a huge success . Even an original song by LODEF featuring Fleur East, written specifically for the campaign, was released by the company . This increased its allure even more .

At the height of COVID-19, the campaign was launched in December 2020 . The outcomes were extraordinary, to put it mildly . Over 3 billion people watched the debut in the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany! As a result, nearly one million videos made by TikTok users were shared .

@justmaiko straight flexin’ #InMyAEJeans 🤩 @americaneagle #AEPartner #AEContest ♬ #InMyAEJeans - Tropkillaz

American Eagle – #InMyAEJeans

One of the largest lifestyle clothing brands in the world is American Eagle . They used their #InMyAEJeans campaign for the Back to School Branded Hashtag Challenge, which is one of the best examples of a dance ad that makes use of inventive TikTok ideas . Influencer Addison Rae announced the challenge, and it quickly gained traction .

The campaign's overwhelming success was largely attributed to the opportunity it provided to participate in a duet with Addison Rae . More than 432,000 TikTok creators uploaded dancing videos to the platform . More than 3 .7 billion people have watched the original video in total since it was released .

@fcbarcelona Meet Piqué? Wait what? 😂#GoForItChallenge #shotonOPPO ♬ GoForIt - FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona x OPPO – #GoForItChallenge

For their #GoForIt campaign, OPPO, a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, partnered with FC Barcelona, one of the biggest football clubs in the world . They made a unique song track available and invited users to use split screens to share significant events from the club's past .

With 676,000 views, the campaign was a resounding success . Nearly 200,000 videos were submitted by more than 70,000 users . The campaign's engagement rate, which reached 12 .05%, was significantly higher than TikTok's average . Just goes to show what incredible outcomes can be achieved when users are given creative freedom .

@uyenncavang #Maybeli Mấy bé lì tụi em chẳng sợ gìiii 😝 @v.victor_ng #Maybeli #fy #PhepThuatWinX ♬ Mấy Bé Lì - Tlinh, Naomi, Yenji

Maybelline – #Maybeli

When it comes to cosmetics, Maybelline New York is a household name all over the world . The company decided to participate in a Branded Hashtag Challenge using the hashtag #Maybeli to publicise the introduction of their new product line in Vietnam . Even a music video called "May Be Li" was made for it .

The outcome ? 75,000 videos were produced by creators, who reached 19 million users nationwide in Vietnam . More than 173 million people watched their video, and brand preference rose by 141 .26% . What's more, online sales increased by 32 .4%!

Best tiktok advertising examples
Best tiktok advertising examples

The Best TikTok Brand Takeover Examples

Advertisers can select a static or display ad that completely fills the screen when using brand takeovers . Both 3-5 second videos and 3-second JPGs can be used for brand takeover ads . As soon as the user launches the app, these ads appear . In order to increase their audience and engagement, many businesses have used the Brand Takeover ad format . Those are some of the best TikTok ads which use the brand takeover format .


In the parallel universe popcorn is never, ever ending. Which is great, but it does leave you pretty thirsty…🥤🍿

♬ original sound - Meanwhile in the PEPSI-verse…

PepsiCo Australia

In order to promote the upcoming release of their new flavours in Australia, Pepsi Max started a campaign on TikTok by utilising both In-Feed ads and Brand Takeover . Although it was their first time using the platform to advertise, the result was a fantastic TikTok brand takeover example .

This campaign reached 2 .4 million users in one day with a click-through rate (CTR) of 24% . This brand takeover advertisement received over 10 million impressions by the end of the campaign, with an overall CTR of 17% . (with 936,000 who watched the video until the end) .

@lottexylitolvietnam ,🎶 Cùng nhảy cùng cười, quà tặng cực mê #VoTuCuoi ♬ Sounds Fake But Ok - Discoholic Remix - Camino 84


In order to create buzz for their new gum line, LOTTE XYLITOL used Brand Takeover ads in conjunction with Branded Effects . The so-called "#VoTuCuoi Challenge" attracted over 124 million views, over 59,000 videos, and 15 .5 million users in total! That is undoubtedly cause for a smile .

@mercedesbenz Ambition that shows in every little detail. That is the Mercedes-Benz Project SMNR: our first all-virtual showcar.    #ProjectSMNR #MBDesign #MercedesBenz #fyp ♬ original sound - Mercedes-Benz


Why this is one of the best TikTok ad examples which involve a brand takeover ? Mercedes-marketing Benz's team understood how crucial it was to get Gen Zers and Millenials moving with a distinctive campaign in order to engage them in a distinctive way . They released top-notch Brand Takeover ads, a mix of In-Feed ads using user-generated content, and high-quality Brand Takeover ads to promote their #MBStarChallenge Hashtag Challenge (which included its own branded effect) .

The campaign was successful because over 185,000 videos were uploaded by 73,000 users, and 180 million people watched them . Their Brand Takeover CTR was 17 .5% . It also had a great impact on their reputation . Following the campaign, a study revealed a 66 .3% increase in ad recall, an 18 .2% increase in brand favorability, and 30,000 additional followers . Page views in the UK and German campaigns each exceeded one million .

The Best TikTok In-Feed Ad Examples

By producing content like other TikTok creators, In-Feed ads give the advertisement a native feel . These auto-play advertisements with sound can last up to 60 seconds and are displayed in the "For You" curated feed . By liking, sharing, or following them, users can communicate with them . The music can also be used in their own videos . In-Feed ads have been used by many brands to raise their visibility and brand awareness . Here are some excellent effective advertising examples on TikTok which used In-Feed ads as part of their campaign .

@stellamccartney Less inside, more seaside. Tell me it’s summer without telling me it’s summer.#StellaMcCartney #Vegan #SustainableFashion ♬ original sound - Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

A well-known fashion designer who specialises in high-end sustainable clothing is Stella McCartney . The fashion house used In-Feed ads with an external link for her most recent summer collection to increase engagement .

The 7-second advertisement received over 3 million impressions, 20,000 clicks, and 8,000 new followers, making it a huge success .

@bmw_edrive #광고 BMW X 헨리와 함께 만드는 #e상적인바이브챌린지 ♬ e상적인바이브 (원곡: Thunder) - BMW X HENRY


BMW's most recent hybrid vehicle, the BMW eDrive, was developed in collaboration with Henry, a well-known K-pop performer . Imagine Dragons' remix of Thunder for the "e-ideal Vibe" campaign was a huge success . The campaign ran for a total of six days and really tapped into user creativity during that time using a combination of In-Feed and TopView ads .


Balmain is a high-end couture fashion brand that typically displays its newest collections on the catwalk, but when live shows temporarily came to an end, the business had to get inventive . They made the decision to use a TikTok Live fashion show to debut Balmain's most recent collections . Before and during the live stream, in-feed ads were used to advertise the show . They also showed up during the broadcast . It was an original strategy that undoubtedly worked .

More than 22 million people watched the sponsored in-feed ads, and tens of thousands of new followers signed up to be notified when the show started . Balmain's original TikTok fashion show ended up drawing 240,000 viewers, and it wouldn't have been as successful without a strong In-Feed ad campaign .

Best tiktok ads examples
Best tiktok ads examples

Great Top View Ads on TikTok

TopView ads are videos that start playing as soon as users open the feed and are displayed in the For You section . Because the advertisement can run for up to 60 seconds and fills the entire screen, brands have several opportunities to grab users' attention .

V Energy

Another of the best examples of TopView ads was by energy drink maker V Energy, part of the larger campaign which used various TikTok ad formats to advertise the TikTok’s first New Year’s Eve live show .

The task given to creators was to develop their own V Energy trick shot, and the influencer content that resulted was used to create a TopView ad that ran throughout the month of January . After just one day of the TopView ad going live, V Energy's follower count rose by 5,000, and the show ended up being the second-most watched live stream in Australia ever!

TikTok Branded Effect Examples

Users have the opportunity to produce original content with Branded Effects by utilising specialised stickers, filters, or other effects . Because branded effects are more likely to have a higher engagement rate the more creative they are, the following Netflix branded effect is a top TikTok ad example using a branded effect .



The Netflix Branded Effect was created in conjunction with the #TribesChallenge Branded Hashtag Challenge. The goal was to raise awareness of the television show Tribes of Europa's upcoming German premiere. 

In addition to TopView and In-Feed ads, they launched the campaign with 10 well-known German TikTokers who used the #TribesChallenge hashtag and Netflix's unique Branded Effect. 
tiktok advertising examples
tiktok advertising examples

What Makes an optimized TikTok video ad ?

As TikTok advertising has become increasingly popular, we now have a better understanding of the essential components of an optimised TikTok ad .

  1. Original
  2. Put user-generated content to use (UGC)
  3. Consider the user interface when creating vertical designs
  4. Start off strong and keep the pace up .
  5. Enhance the narrative with music and sound effects
  6. Play around with the character of your brand. 

Additionally, it's critical to collaborate with well-known TikTok creators to guarantee that ads are seen by a defined target audience . In fact, partnerships with well-known TikTok influencers are present in almost every successful TikTok ad examples in this article, frequently as the campaign's launcher .

To create a successful TikTok ad campaign, brands that want their TikTok ads to go viral must combine a variety of factors . Because of this, it's best to use expert marketing firms like yellowHEAD to ensure that it's done correctly .

Best tiktok ads examples

Examples Of Inspirational TikTok Ads

The beauty of TikTok is the engagement brands can have with their audience . from The most successful ad campaigns, in general, are :

@hellofresh #HumpDay dinner done right! #HelloFresh #Fyp #cooking ♬ original sound - HelloFresh US

1 . HelloFresh

An iconic example of a TikTok ad that heavily incorporates UGC is the one for HelloFresh, a meal-kit delivery service . The ad has an authentic feel thanks to the unpolished style of the video footage, which fits in with the visual style of natural TikTok content . This strategy did not require HelloFresh to completely shun branded elements . As you can see, the logo is prominently displayed within the first few seconds, and branded elements are present throughout; they have just been handled in a less overt, more subtle way .

Brands can take inspiration from this ad's straightforward but powerful strategy . The emphasis on authenticity through UGC, along with subdued branding, interesting editing, and impactful sound design, highlights a successful formula that doesn't necessitate a significant financial investment in production .

@dermalogica This is a joke to Popeyes 😅🫶 #dermalogica #dryskin #skincare ♬ original sound - Shayshay

2 . Dermalogica

This example, for the cosmetics company Dermalogica, makes excellent use of an educational framework for TikTok advertising . The straightforward copy, "Flip . Squeeze . Foam . Rinse . Glow," captures the step-by-step format of organic videos that are frequently seen while scrolling the "For You" feed .

This is ideal for brand marketing, especially for CPG brands looking to effectively inform audiences about the functionality and qualities of their products .

@zoomerang_app Happy Halloween🎃🤩Use Zoomerang templates to create spooky and scary videos for social media👻 Video template by @rkornilov 🖤 #halloween #template ♬ original sound - Zoomerang

3 . Zoomerang

Zoomerang, a video-editing app, was ideally suited for TikTok advertising because it aids users of platforms like TikTok in creating entertaining and engaging content . They produced high-energy in-feed ads to advertise the app, using attention-getting transitions to keep viewers' attention until the end of the video, where a strong CTA was used to direct viewers to instal pages .

4 . Spark App

Dating app Spark used a UGC-inspired strategy for their TikTok campaigns, fusing this footage with brand components . The ad felt less intrusive as a result, fitting naturally within TikToker's feeds thanks to the combination of this, the editing style, and the use of music .

To further align the advertisement with TikTok's organic style, the copy in the advertisement also adopted a sticker approach, which helped audiences relate to it more .

@haier_malaysia inspire your kitchen with Haier 💙 #MYHaier #HaierInspireMY #HaierInspiredLiving #FridgeTok #KitchenGoals #DreamKitchen #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trending #viral #organizationhacks #foodtok #kitchenhacks #kitchentok ♬ original sound - Haier Malaysia

5 . Haier

In the aforementioned illustration, Haier Japan also uses unprocessed, raw video . The use of music in this ad, however, should be highlighted . On TikTok, music is incredibly important; it shouldn't be treated as a supporting element and should be given the same weight as the ad's visuals .

Because of this, Haier created an advertisement that puts the music first rather than the other way around . The subjects of the advertisement lip sync to the brand song, demonstrating how the music and images work together to achieve a common objective .

Take off with TikTok

Hopefully these examples provide you with some actionable creative insights to help inspire your future TikTok campaigns

This article has taken real-world examples and dissected them to determine what factors contributed to their success as TikTok ads in order to best communicate these crucial best practises .