using TikTok Ads Library for Successful TikTok Ad Campaign


TikTok Ads Library
TikTok Ads Library

How to Use TikTok Ads Library to Run Successful TikTok Ad Campaign

Scaling up your business will be made easier with a strong TikTok ad campaign . Here is a guide on using the TikTok Ad Library to find campaign-related ad ideas .

We are all searching for new social platforms to advertise our brand in the fast-paced world of digital marketing today . By raising awareness and introducing you to qualified leads, the campaigns will propel your brand to the next level of success . Brands initially restricted their attention to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram .

Most digital marketers in 2016 and 2017 didn't take TikTok into account when developing SMM (social media marketing campaigns) . In 2018, TikTok began to gain popularity as a result of the company's branding initiatives and new auction ads platform .

It is currently one of the biggest and most successful video-based social media marketing platforms in the world . It is used for marketing by the most prosperous businesses, and the results are astounding . Here are some figures that demonstrate how effective it is at assisting businesses in reaching their full potential .

  1. TikTok had more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide as of July 2022 .
  2. The seventh-most popular and influential social media platform is called TikTok .
  3. On Google Play and the App Store, the TikTok app has been downloaded more than 2 billion times .
  4. An average TikTok user uses the app for 45 .8 minutes every day .

Your brand's online visibility will grow and your customer base will grow if you invest in a TikTok advertisement campaign .

TikTok has fierce competition for users' attention, just like other social media platforms . To pique the target audience's interest, encourage engagement, and persuade them to take the desired actions, you need creative ads .

TikTok Ads Library
TikTok Ads Library

What is the TikTok Ads Library ?

Creating an ad from scratch is not easy . Luckily, the TikTok has an inspirational hub, Users who are looking for new advertising ideas can use the TikTok Ads Library, also known as "Top Ads," to find the top-performing auction ads by vertical and location .

You can use the search listings in the tiktok Ad Library in the TikTok Creative Center to filter out specific options like Industry, Objective, Duration, and Time to find ideas for your upcoming campaign .

You can find ideas for your next campaign by filtering the search listings in the Ads Library in the TikTok Creative Center by things like Industry, Objective, Duration, and Time (last 7 days vs . 30 days) . To determine which campaign metrics are most closely aligned with your objectives, you can sort through the results using metrics like Reach, CTR, and 6s Views Rate (defined as the number of times that your video was played for at least 6 seconds without counting replays) .

You should monitor your ad metrics to see how successful they are at achieving your ad objective if you want to drive the best results for your campaign . The TikTok Ads Library provides you with detailed information about how users are interacting with each video and high-performance insights into your ads by displaying the number of views, clicks, conversions, or users who are still watching at each one- or four-second interval .

How to Use TikTok Ads Library
TikTok Ad Library

Which TikTok Ad Campaign Metrics Are Shown ?

You can identify areas for development or expansion by looking at the CTR, CVR, Clicks, Conversion, and Remain metrics within each Ad Campaign . The TikTok Ad Campaign even provides you with information on how you stack up against the industry standard, giving you an idea of how fiercely competitive your industry is .

The metrics CTR, CVR, Clicks, Conversion, and Remain allow you to identify areas for development or improvement within each tiktok Ad Campaign .

Clicks, conversions, CTR, CVR, and remaining

  1. The click-through rate (CTR) is determined by dividing the number of clicks by the total number of impressions .
  2. The number of conversions divided by the total number of clicks yields the CVR, or conversion rate .
  3. Clicks are the total number of clicks during that particular second of the ad .
  4. Conversions are the sum of all conversions for that particular ad second .
  5. Remain displays how many viewers were still present at that precise moment .

  ?How to Use TikTok Ads Library to enlarge Your Business

The TikTok ad library is like a treasure trove just waiting for you to find it . There are always more than 100 new advertisements from around the world .

The platform provides useful information, including trends and suggestions for interacting with the TikTok community, which is constantly expanding . Here are some professional suggestions for using the TikTok Ad Library to create effective TikTok Ad campaigns by looking at the most popular ads currently showing on TikTok .

How to Use TikTok Ads Library
TikTok Ad Campaign

Use Filters to Find Relevant Ads

It can take a lot of time and effort to manually search for ads that fit the objectives of your campaign and the target market . Utilize the numerous filters the Creative Center offers to streamline the process . They will assist you in focusing on the ads that are most pertinent to your company and industry . The fundamental filters are;


Investigate the video advertisements that rivals are currently using abroad . For brands that only operate in particular nations, this filter is essential . Additionally, if your company has a global presence, you can use the filter to learn how your rivals promote themselves in various areas or continents .


It should go without saying that you shouldn't search the TikTok ad library for health & fitness ads if your niche is home improvement . There are 21 main industry categories on TikTok, most of which centre on eCommerce goods . By mentioning the niche of your brand, you can focus your search .


What do you hope to accomplish with the ads ? Conversions, Video Views, App Installs, Reach, Lead Generation, and Traffic are the six main campaign goals for TikTok . When performing a competitor analysis, this filter will be helpful as well .


The duration of the ads is referred to . There are six options available for this filter in the range of 10-second intervals . When running advertisements on TikTok, your aim should be to grab the viewer's attention within the first 1-2 seconds . On TikTok, the majority of successful advertisements last between 10 and 30 seconds .

Time Frame

The TikTok ad library's advertisements have been running for the past 30 days, as was previously mentioned . The platform is rapidly evolving, and this filter's default setting is seven days . Trends that were relevant and effective two weeks ago might not be relevant or effective today . As a result, it's wise to restrict your search to the most recent ads posted .


You can use the search bar on the TikTok Creative Center's main menu to look for ads that have a particular phrase or word in their caption . The term may be a brand name, product, or target keyword .

Reviewing the High-Performing Ads

You need to review the best or highest-performing ads from your search results now that you have a list of ads that correspond to your niche and campaign . Select "View Top Ad" by moving your mouse over any video .

You will be taken to a special "About this Ad" page with useful details about the advertisement . The observations include;Industry

  • Region
  • Objective
  • Source (Ads manager and video editing)
  • Engagement (total total number of shares, likes and comments accrued) (total number of shares, comments and likes accrued)

You can create your ads with the help of this information to get better results .

Additionally, you can arrange the ad results based on Reach, CTR, 2s View Rate, and 6s video view rate on the TikTok Creative Center's home page . To determine the effectiveness of the videos you like in assisting your brand in achieving its objectives, look at their CTR (click-through rate) and CVR (conversion rate) .

To help you understand where the advertisement fits into the spectrum, TikTok also goes above and beyond by comparing how other ads perform using the same metric . As you watch the videos again, you'll see how copy quality and performance are related .

7 Types of TikTok Ads and How They Work

You are already aware of the types of advertisements to use to advertise your company on TikTok . By engaging with the TikTok community and being creative, you can raise the likelihood that your video ads will go viral . Your ads' level of engagement will increase in direct proportion to how distinctive and genuine they are .

You can make one of seven different types of TikTok ads to promote your goods or services . To assist you in selecting which one to use in your TikTok ad campaign, here is a thorough examination of each type .

How to Use TikTok Ads Library
TikTok Ads Library

Top View Ads

The most popular advertisements are 60-second ones that provide an engaging viewing experience . As they fill the entire screen, they successfully grab the user's attention . TikTok doesn't show any other content or text when they are viewing it in order to prevent distractions . More importantly, compared to other ad formats, these ads are more interesting and successful at generating sales .

Collection Ads

TikTok users are drawn to businesses that let them view products inside the app and make purchases without ever leaving it . By directing viewers to a specific Instant Gallery page where they can view additional product photos and make purchases, Collection Ads will help you accomplish this goal .

Simply put, collection ads provide customers with an enjoyable and memorable shopping and browsing experience . They aren't offered in all sectors, but if they are in your industry, they are worth a shot .

In-Feed Ads

Users on the For You page see in-feed ads, which prevent them from scrolling . Based on how a user interacts with the platform, TikTok uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to decide which advertisements to show them . It takes into account two main factors, which are :

  • Ads that the user has previously liked, followed, and commented on
  • Personal preferences and interests

You can use the in-feed video ad to promote your business and persuade viewers to go to your website to learn more about what you have to offer in just 60 seconds . As most people only buy from brands they are familiar with or have heard of online or off, the objective is to make your brand memorable . According to a recent study, in-feed ads on TikTok are 23% more memorable than TV commercials .

Maybelline is the ideal illustration of a business that successfully increased its market share by producing engaging in-feed TikTok ads .

The video advertisement received more than 2,907 comments, 48,000 likes, and 709 shares in just one day . The brand's favorability rose by 47%, and brand awareness skyrocketed to 80% .

Branded Hashtag Challenge

If you want to raise brand awareness and favorability, a branded hashtag challenge is ideal . Millions of active TikTok users are invited to interact with your brand and it is less expensive than other ad formats . Utilize rewards like mentions and freebies to entice people to participate .

According to TikTok for Business, it's a brand-new ad format that taps into creative users' passion for expression . It increases efforts to raise brand awareness and forges strong bonds with potential customers . There is more involvement than just clicking .

Branded hashtag videos typically receive a staggering 17 .5% engagement . Recently, Mercedes-Benz launched a campaign on the website called #MBStarChallenge .

Over 180 million views and over 185,000 pieces of user-generated content (UGC) were generated by the campaign . Brand favorability and brand preference both rose by 15 .7% and 18 .25 percent, respectively .

Brand Takeover Ads

Brand Takeover ads are different ads tailored to give brands huge awareness . The target audience sees the ads as soon as they launch the TikTok app . The brand takeover ad video is displayed in full-screen mode, similar to the top-view ads discussed earlier .

Additionally, you can click anywhere on the screen . A landing page, service page, or branded hashtag challenge can all be linked to from an advertisement . This type of advertisement will broaden your reach by attracting and holding the interest of potential clients and will be a part of your TikTok ad campaign .

Branded Effects

Your ability to be creative will help you build meaningful relationships with your target audience . By adding effects, stickers, and filters to your TikTok video ads, you can show off your brand's fun and approachable side .

Encourage influencers to include special effects in their promotional videos as well . The special features will greatly increase the advertisement's capacity to turn a typical TikTok user who sees it from a viewer to a paying customer .

For Vinfast E-scooter, a business that sells electric scooters, these advertisements were a complete success . To advertise their scooters, the Ludo and Impes, they developed a campaign . Users could choose the type of digital scooter they wanted to ride while dancing in the ad .

The campaign's popularity increased as a result of the #Phieucungxechat Hashtag challenge . The campaign generated over 60 million impressions in total .

Spark Ads

Spark ads' main objective is to promote brand growth through the use of original content . The advertisements give the impression that a third party, not the brand, created them . Since they are regarded as objective, they are more successful at persuading users to purchase or visit a website to learn more about the advertised goods or services .

The fact that Spark ads are run directly from the creator's page rather than your official page sets them apart from the competition .

Additionally, ask a customer's permission before using their video as a Spark ad if they make a video about your service or product and post it on TikTok .

Furthermore, these TikTok Ads are genuine and fit in with the user's feed just like the regular videos posted by other users .

Spark ads were used to create a campaign by Costa in collaboration with creators . The campaign generated thousands, if not millions, of impressions globally and increased the brand's followers by 159% .

Wrapping Up

The key to social media marketing success lies in TikTok . To find the ad type that best fits your brand and marketing objectives, track the results received from each type of advertisement .

To increase your ROI, pair your TikTok ad campaign with Foreplay and save video ads that you such as from the TikTok ads library . You can share the videos with members of the team even if they don't have Foreplay accounts because they will always be available in your Foreplay profile .