Why are my TikTok ads not spending and how to fix it?


TikTok ads not spending
TikTok ads not spending

9 common reasons your tiktok ads not spending

Have you ever opened an online store in excitement of running your tiktok ads only to receive the message "You're currently unable to run ads, please visit our desktop version to view the detailed reason and resolve the problem" and discover nothing there? absolutely no instructions on what to do! 

Or perhaps you tried running tiktok ads and discovered that they simply wouldn't spend? We'll explain why and what to do when your tiktok ads aren’t spending in this brief article.

Below are a few causes your TikTok ads aren't spending:

Just wait and relax

The first thing to consider is how long your ads have been running and how long they haven't. If their advertisements do not generate revenue within the first couple of hours, some people become anxious. They then come to the conclusion that they must make numerous changes.

But you must understand that before tiktok ads go live, especially on newer accounts, they will go through their review period. The ad's activation then requires a little bit more time. Therefore, you have anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to look at before ads begin to run. Prior to actually worrying about your TikTok ad spending problems, you should just wait.

TikTok ads not spending
TikTok ads not spending

Ad Group Out Of Budget

On TikTok, an Ad campaign must have a minimum budget of $50, and each individual ad set must have a minimum budget of $20.

The "Ad Group Out Of Budget" error indicates that you have not set aside enough money for the campaign.

Simple solution: increase the budget for your ad campaign. Do not be afraid to spend a little more money; the more time the algorithm has to learn, the better results you will see for your Ad goals.

TikTok ads aren't spending
TikTok ads aren't spending

Making Content that isn't suitable for TikTok 

Each platform has its own personality and voice and you have to produce content for every channel with respect to that personality.

Learn about how the community in your niche market interacts with one another by spending some time on TikTokPay much attention to trending sounds, videos, and effects that your niche uses.

Never be afraid to post your own analysis of a sound or trend if you find yourself noticing it repeatedly. Remember to act fast! On TikTok, trends explode and disappear quickly, so it's critical to take immediate action.

Besides this, give importance to community guidelines and ensure you don't violate them Since TikTok is harsh in its penalties for violations, a few missteps could stop you in your progress.

TikTok ads aren't spending
TikTok ads aren't spending

Your Bid Is Too Low

Keep in mind that you are up against other advertisers in the same business. Like any auction, if your position is too low of a bid, nothing will happen.

The bid is not sufficiently competitive. This indicates that advertisers are offering a higher price than you do for their advertisement!

The relationship between the audience and the advertisers serves as an illustration of how tiktok and many other types of digital marketing operate. The algorithm will favour the highest bidder and use more of their advertising budget if you are selling sneakers and targeting a tiktok audience that loves sneakers. Therefore, if other tiktok advertisers are bidding $10 and you are all bidding $2.

Solution: Try turning off your tiktok accelerated spending if it's on. There is no way to scale or control it, so it might spend your money too quickly or too slowly.

Try manual bidding and raise your bid when your tiktok ads aren’t spending and decrease your bid only when your tiktok ads budget is spending very fast!

Too Intensive Targeting 

You won't catch anything if you cast a net that is too small, and you'll target the wrong audience and waste money if you cast a net that is too wide.  When you focus on too many behaviours and interests, you must limit the audience based on the conditions. Your ad budget might not be used if the audience is too small.

Solution: Find a balance where your audience is both sizable enough to target and small enough to ensure that your ad budget is not wasted. Try expanding the target audience for your campaign by focusing on fewer behaviours and interests. This allows the tiktok pexel to learn from and collect data from a much larger audience. This ultimately enhances the effectiveness of your ads over time!

Poor Ad Creative 

Good ad creative will help your TikTok advertisement gain traction and engage your audience. 

for whatever causes when your ad creatives are poor, it’s like the tiktok algorithm notices all these and doesn’t spend your ad budget! 

Solution: Spend some time working on your ads. When your ads begin to convert, your hard work will pay off. You'll receive more impressions if your ads are very compelling.

The algorithm has not had time to learn

I once contacted the support team for tiktok ads, and they informed me that the first 10 to 15 days are the learning phase, so you'll get more impressions once it's over!

Solution: Give the algorithm learning phase 10 to 15 days to complete after you start a new tiktok campaign.

TikTok ads not spending
TikTok ads not spending

Optimize your ads for Add to Carts instead of purchase

It's likely that your tiktok ads pexel does not have enough information about your campaign when you optimise for add to Carts on a new tiktok account to focus your impression on customers who are most likely to make purchases! Your tiktok ads won't run because the pexel hasn't even been able to identify these people yet!

Solution: If you're running a new campaign or have a new tiktok account, try optimising your ads for awareness or add to carts rather than purchases!

A tiktok glitch

If you've followed the above instructions to the letter and your ads not spending, there may be a tiktok glitch. You must get in touch with tiktok ads support because this issue is technical and cannot be resolved by you.

Solution; request tiktok ads support!


Don't panic if your ads aren't spending, TikTok is attempting to assist you before you waste any of your ad budget. Most likely, the problem with your ads aren't spending that can be fixed quickly and easily, like not placing enough bids or not allocating enough money to the campaign.

Consider contacting a Digital Marketing Agency if you're still having trouble understanding how to advertise on TikTok. They are equipped with the know-how to manage your campaigns and return you to what really matters, running your company.