best tiktok ads examples in 2023 -excellent tiktok campaign


best tiktok ads examples
tiktok ads examples

best tiktok ads examples in 2023 for an effective TikTok ad

We have TikTok ads examples to back up our claim that the app is quickly becoming a popular option for eCommerce advertisements .

In terms of monthly active users, TikTok surpassed Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Pinterest, and Snapchat in 2021 with over a billion monthly active users and three billion downloads . The app is still expanding quickly and is following Instagram Reels and Stories in popularity .

Additionally, as reach and popularity grow, so does interest in advertising .

Therefore, it goes without saying that serious eCommerce brands should include TikTok ads for eCommerce in their marketing mix when developing a strong marketing strategy for online retailers .

We will demonstrate to you top retailers in this post who have successfully implemented various TikTok ad formats . , solving apps problems have listed some of the best TikTok Ad examples for you to learn from and optimize to meet your advertising needs :

Best In-Feed TikTok Ad Examples

To increase brand awareness and recognition, several companies have used In-Feed ads . Here are two best TikTok ad examples which implemented In-Feed commercials as part of there own campaign .

@k18hair Watching years of damage reversed in 4 min will never get old #k18results Transformation by @asholson.thehairloft using the K18 molecular repair service #k18hair #hairtransformation #besthairtreatment #damagedhairrepair #hairtok2023 ♬ Give It To Me Timbaland - Walley Ponch

 K18 Gains 20K+ Followers and Increases Brand Awareness with In-Feed TikTok Ads

2019 saw the launch of the online biotech haircare company K18 . They looked to TikTok for a quick way to increase brand and product awareness . They were tracking three crucial engagement metrics in order to increase views and grow their organic following :

  • Follower growth 
  • Video views 

In collaboration with TikTok creators like Heidi D'Amelio and Mikayla Nogueira, they launched tutorial-style videos using TikTok's Reach and Frequency TikTok ad buying method .Hashtag views 

And the results ? 

Within a month of launching their TikTok campaign, K18 reportedly saw a 70% increase in daily average sales, according to TikTok . They additionally observed :

  • an increase of 20,000 followers from the previous 2,000
  • 27 million views of the video
  • 73 million people have viewed the hashtag #K18Hair .

Main Takeaway : K18 quickly increased brand awareness by fusing the strength of TikTok influencer marketing with clever paid advertising . Visit this page to learn more about TikTok's Creative Marketplace .


Have yourself a merry little Christmas with this vintage diamond ring under the tree 🎄

♬ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Ella Fitzgerald

 Smyth Jewelers gets 779K Views Spending $40 per day on In-Feed TikTok Ads

The online jewellery retailer Smyth Jewelers is another eCommerce brand that has had great success using TikTok In-Feed ads to drive awareness .

A century-old company called Smyth Jewelers used TikTok to connect with new, younger customers . They gained almost 19k followers on the social media platform through organic growth, but they wanted to increase traffic to TikTok by promoting their wedding and engagement rings .

Leveraging their own content, they managed to run In-Feed traffic campaigns to reach and drive new audiences to their TikTok profile, bidding only $40/day in budget .

Smyth Jewelers used geo-targeting TikTok ad options for this campaign in order to connect with the right audiences in Maryland and Washington, DC, and personalised their video series as much as they could in order to boost viewer engagement .

best tiktok ads examples
best tiktok ads examples

And the results ? 

Their TikTok traffic campaign, according to TikTok, received just under 800,000 views for an average cost of :

  • 2 cents per like 
  • 35 cents per CPM 

Smyth Jewelers discovered that overall for this campaign, TikTok ads produced results for a fraction of the price of other social media marketing channels .

Main Takeaway : TikTok user engagement is greatly boosted by creative, original videos . Long-term product sales, including those for pricey items like engagement rings, can be boosted by a brand when it engages users in meaningful conversations .

@thefarmersdog Kibble definitely doesn’t sound like food #asmr #dogfood #freshdogfood #kibble ♬ original sound - The Farmer’s Dog

 The Farmer's Dog TikTok In-Feed Ad Receives 31% CTRs

The Farmer's Dog is an online dog food subscription service that provides pet owners with custom, freshly prepared pet food . They used TikTok ads to target US adults 25 and older in order to reach and convert more potential customers .

The Farmer's Dog collaborated with creators to promote their primary message : The easiest option for healthy living for dog owners . Then, they adjusted their campaign audiences and creatives to lower CPAs at scale using In-Feed TikTok Spark Ads to target users who were interested in pets .

And the results ? 

The Farmer's Dog reportedly spends $100,000 per month just on TikTok advertising, and the platform now accounts for the majority of its recent clientele . For just this campaign, they observed :

  • 33 million views of the video
  • there was a 62% CPA reduction .
  •  5% conversion rate increase .

In just two months .

Main Takeaway : Interest targeting is unquestionably a necessity for eCommerce businesses looking to increase their market and customer base . But even so, it’s The Farmer’s Dog’s tweaking, optimization, and campaign management that helps to ensure their TikTok campaign success . You can either repeat this manually or make use of StoreYa's comprehensive PPC management service .

@jamesallenrings This is a dream… #engagementrings #proposal #pearengagementring #dreamyengagement #perfectmatch ♬ original sound - Paravi

 James Allen Utilise TikTok Ads to Drive Email Newsletter Sign-Ups at 78% Lesser CPA

The bridal jewellery store James Allen is another online jewellery brand that had great success with TikTok ads .

They chose to test TikTok ads as a way to direct new users to conversion flows on their store, such as newsletter signups for email marketing and sales promotions, onsite promotions, and add to cart . This was done in an effort to always be one step ahead of new consumer channels .

They began by optimising upper-funnel events before launching a prospecting TikTok campaign, which gave them the opportunity to improve (with the aid of TikTok's algorithm) their primary event CPA goal .

James Allen also pushed campaign performance by using Spark Ads and standard auction campaigns . They also provided a special coupon code to encourage TikTok users .

And the results ? 

James Allen's TikTok campaign, according to TikTok, received more than 12 million views, 175K likes, and thousands of shares . Regarding their add-to-cart goal, they observed :

  • Lower non-bounce CPA by 45%
  • Comparing it to other social media advertising platforms, the CPA is 12% lower .
  • 3,500 new subscribers to the newsletter, with a 78% lower CPA

The main point is that James Allen handled this more recent eCommerce marketing channel like a pro . New users were first directed toward lower funnel conversions, like email marketing sign-up flows, and then higher funnels .

@balmain Welcome to @olivier_rousteing’s New World Symphony. Fusing inspirations from his African & European heritages for a striking couture finale. #BALMAINSS23 ♬ original sound - Balmain


Balmain decided to use a TikTok Live fashion show to introduce its newest collections . Before and during the live stream as well as throughout the broadcast, in-feed advertising was used to promote the show .

  • The in-feed sponsored advertisements attracted
  • 22 million plus views
  • 10,000 new followers signed up to receive alerts when the show debuted .

Finally, Balmain's distinctive TikTok Live fashion was viewed by 240,000 people, which would not have been possible without a strong In-Feed marketing campaign .

best tiktok ads examples
best tiktok ads examples

Best performing TopView Ads

TopView Ads are used to boost traffic and brand awareness, particularly when they fill the entire screen and last up to 60 seconds . The best way to conceptualise TopView ads is as a slightly postponed Brand Takeover Ad .

@venergyaus @aaroncasa69 spreading some holiday good vibes #canyoufeelit #venergy #enerydrink #australia #christmas #takeordouble #vibes ♬ original sound - V Energy Australia
best tiktok ads examples
tiktok ads examples

V Energy

The energy drink company V Energy produced one of the best TikTok TopView ads as part of a larger advertising campaign for the platform's first New Year's Eve live event, which featured a variety of TikTok ad formats .

Creators were asked to come up with their own V Energy trick shot, and the resulting influencer content was turned into a TopView ad that ran in January . The programme became the second-most watched live broadcast in Australian history, which led to :

5,000 followers were gained after the TopView advertisement went live in just one day .

@marcjacobsfragrances A Day With Daisy. DAISY EVER SO FRESH MARC JACOBS. #MJDaisy @Lily Chee ♬ original sound - MarcJacobsFragrances

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs promoted their branded hashtag challenge #PerfectAsIAm using TopView creatives . This resulted in more interest and engagement in the coveted For You feed and more people visiting the challenge's official website . 

The #PerfectAsIAm Branded Hashtag Challenge outperformed TikTok beauty averages in the first half of 2020 in terms of video views, engagements, and engagement rates . Following the #PerfectAsIAm challenge, 

Globally, there were 10 .1 billion video views as of March 2021 .

@aerie @Ashley Cain OLY making moves in OFFLINE by Aerie!#CreateWithCanon ♬ Memories - Lux-Inspira

Dynamic Showcase TikTok Ad Examples

Pilot TikTok Dynamic Showcase TikTok Ad : Aerie Sees 7 .88 ROAS

Dynamic Showcase TikTok ads (DSAs) are one of the newest types of campaigns available to retailers, as we noted in our eCommerce guide to TikTok Ads . Despite being new, they have already shown to be effective; for example, the apparel company Aerie saw a 3 .5X increase in ROAS with this campaign type in their piloting plan .

After using a combination of Branded Hashtags (#AerieReal) which motivated users to start embracing their authentic selves and In-Feed TikTok ads, Aerie decided to expand to the platform’s newer eCommerce solutions .

Aiming to keep CPA under $50, they used DSAs to promote their extensive product inventory and deliver a more individualised ad experience while capitalising on their engaged audience .

And the results ? 

Aerie's initial DSA Alpha campaign experienced a 27% decrease in CPA goals, according to TikTok . Then, after switching to the Custom DSA TikTok template, they observed a cost per purchase that was 78% more effective than their target . In addition, they observed :

  • a 2 .93% conversion rate increase .
  • an increase in ROAS from 2 .24 to 7 .78 .

The main takeaway is that dynamic ads, regardless of the social media advertising platform, are incredibly effective at personalising the ad experience for prospective clients and automating PPC marketing, both of which increased ROAS . Visit these 5 eCommerce ad guides to observe how this strategy is used on other marketing channels :

  1. Microsoft Ads for eCommerce 
  2. Google Ads for eCommerce 
  3. Facebook Ads for eCommerce 
  4. Instagram Ads for eCommerce
  5. Pinterest Ads for eCommerce 
this video indicates the best tiktok ads examples:

Branded Hashtag Challenge TikTok Ad Examples

Brand Hashtag Challenge is one of the top TikTok ad examples used in their campaign . Branded hashtag challenges aim to boost engagement and brand exposure . A user is redirected to the brand's landing page and shown additional hand-selected movies with the same hashtag when they tap a hashtag .

Packages for three or six days are available . Branded hashtag challenges have an interaction rate of 8 .5% on TikTok, on average . 

Two of the most creative hashtag challenge advertising examples are shown below .

@clearly You’ll never run out of choices, visit our website, and find the perfect pair #seeclearly #glasses ♬ original sound - Clearly

 Uses Branded Hashtag Challenges Clearly to Get 20 Million Video Views

A well-known giveback programme at the Canadian online eyewear retailer Clearly has resulted in the donation of 570k glasses so far . They sell contact lenses, eyeglasses with prescriptions, and sunglasses online, and they turned to TikTok to increase brand recognition and consideration among an untapped demographic .

Over 20 million people have watched one such campaign, which was a resounding success .

Users of TikTok were encouraged to showcase their best outfits and favourite pair of glasses as part of the #ClearlyTransform Branded Hashtag Challenge, and it received a LOT of attention . The real key to their success, though, lies in what they did behind the scenes to support this campaign and promote ROAS .

This included :

  • allowing for some creative freedom with the challenge for TikTok users rather than concentrating on branding
  • putting money into a range of branded products and advertising
  • composing and using original music with viral appeal to increase audience participation
  • collaborating with five well-known TikTok creators

And the results in numbers ?This branded TikTok ad example, according to TikTok, reached 116 million unique users worldwide in just six days and generated over 20 million video views . Furthermore, over the six days of the campaign, they saw :  

  • 32 .7 million engagements and 241,000 video submissions
  • 12,000 more people have become brand followers
  • A 13% rise in ad recall

Main Point : It is obvious that they were able to strike a balance between brand placement, authenticity, and user-generated content to not only meet but also surpass their overall brand awareness objective . Additionally, by investing in campaign audio and visuals, they were able to engage new users and attract attention . أمازون وصل؟ ورّينا فرحتك وانت رايح تستلم طلبك من تخفيضات الجمعة البيضاء! #amazonwhitefriday ♬ الجمعة البيضاء من أمازون - Yousra El Gendy

Amazon SG Uses the Joy of Unboxing with Branded Hashtag as well as Branded Effect TikTok Campaigns to Enhance Consumer engagement

To promote Amazon Prime Day in Singapore, Amazon SG used TikTok to create a viral online campaign using the unboxing experience .

With the #UnboxAmazonPrimeSG campaign, Amazon Singapore gave TikTok users the opportunity to share their feelings after opening an Amazon package in exchange for a chance to win a S$50 Amazon .sg gift card .

In order to raise awareness of the challenge at the outset, Amazon SG also made use of TikTok Branded Effects, TopView, and In-Feed Ads and collaborated with a few TikTok creators .

And the numerical results ? TikTok reports the following about Amazon SG's Branded Hashtag campaign :

  • Reached and over 900k TikTok users
  • over 3 .6 million unique video views were generated .
  • resulted in the creation of 9 .1k UGC videos

Main Takeaway : Amazon SG was able to increase awareness of their local market by utilising the unboxing experience and providing prize incentives . Additionally, they surpassed their campaign goals by enhancing their Branded Hashtag Challenge with Branded Effects and TopView .

@ebay 🚨Sneakerheads are you in it to win it?! Only a few days left to enter your eBay wishlists for a chance to win the missing piece in your collection! How to enter: 1️⃣ Create a video featuring an *Authenticity Guarantee item you’re on the hunt for and tag @ebay w/ #MissingeBayPieceSweepstakes ♬ Hip Hop with impressive piano sound(793766) - Dusty Sky

 eBay Plans to Reach 1 Billion TikTok Video Views by Targeting the Next Generation of Sneakerheads

The world's largest eCommerce marketplace, eBay, is a well-known place to find both common and uncommon sneakers . However, they sought to increase their visibility among younger audiences by establishing their reputation as the place to go for fun .

This campaign commissioned a special song and urged TikTok users to lace up their favourite sneakers and flaunt them with original dance moves .

They collaborated with leading TikTok creators and used In-Feed Ads to increase reach while using the Branded Hashtag Challenge TikTok ad campaign, #LaceEmUp, to celebrate the connection between sneaker culture, music, and dance .

And the results ? 

Over 700,000 TikTok users, according to TikTok, participated in the campaign to make their own TikToks . They additionally observed :

  • 5 .2% more engagement compared to their 1 billion+ benchmark . Views of TikTok videos
  • A dramatic increase in teenage fans talking regarding their sneaker marketplace

Main Point : TikTok can be an effective tool for reaching younger audiences if used properly . But it's crucial to note that TikTok's user base is becoming much older . By the end of 2021, 20% of TikTok users in the US will be between the ages of 40 and 49, according to Statista .


calculating 🧮🧮🧮🧮🤨🤨🤨🤨

♬ Roman Holiday Sped Up - Jadyn

best tiktok ads examples 2023
best tiktok ads examples

American Eagle – #InMyAEJeans

American Eagle is one of the world’s largest lifestyle clothing brands . They used their #InMyAEJeans campaign for the Back to School Branded Hashtag Challenge as the ideal illustration of how to use clever TikTok concepts in a dancing ad . Influencer Addison Rae created the challenge, and it quickly took off .

The opportunity to collaborate with Addison Rae on a duet made the campaign a rousing success, with : 

FC Barcelona x OPPO – #GoForItChallenge

One of the biggest football clubs in the world, FC Barcelona, teamed up with Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO for their #GoForIt campaign . They published a special music track and requested that users share significant occasions from the club's past using split-screen technology . 

The campaign was a huge success, garnering : 

  • Almost 200,000 videos 
  • Over 70,000 individuals contributed

Brand Takeover TikTok Ad Examples

The Brand Takeover ad type has been used by numerous companies to broaden their audience and boost engagement . The following are a few of the top TikTok Brand Takeover Ads :

@guess 2023 is the year for sequins ✨ #NYE #2023 ♬ Coi Leray Players DJ Saige Mashup - Saige

 Guess's TikTok Brand Takeover Campaign Produces CTRs of 16 .5%

Guess wanted to use TikTok to raise awareness for their Fall Denim Fit collection during the back-to-school shopping season . They introduced the #InMyDenim Hashtag Challenge and posted various official videos accompanied by Bebe Rexh's "I'm a Mess" in order to appeal to millennial and Gen Z consumers .

However, their Brand Takeovers were brilliant . Four influencer-performed videos that they released to demonstrate their concept quickly became popular online .

And the results ? 

The #InMyDenim campaign and Brand Takeovers reportedly generated 10 .5 million views on TikTok . They also observed :

  •  14 .3% engagement rate
  • They gained 12k more followers and saw a 16 .5% CTR on their Brand Takeovers .

Main Lesson : Without a doubt, influencer marketing can be very powerful for retailers . Finding and funding the appropriate influencers for your particular brand is the trick . Influencers who directly address your desired target audience are what you need . Trying to find the best influencers ? Please see "How to Find the Best Influencers for Your eCommerce Brand" in our guide .

@mercedesbenz Room for expression: The new #CLA Shooting Brake combines an expressive exterior with sufficient space and fine design highlights in the interior. Express your drive.   #MercedesBenz #ExpressYourDrive ♬ original sound - Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Benz

The team at Mercedes-Benz marketing realised they needed to launch a distinctive campaign to get the attention of Millenials and Gen Z . To promote their #MBStarChallenge Hashtag Challenge, they debuted premium Brand Takeover advertisements as well as In-Feed advertising that made use of user-generated content (which had its own branded effect) .

The campaign went viral, which led to :

  • 73,000 users uploaded over 185,000 videos .
  • 180 million video views 

The CTR for their brand takeover was 17 .5% . Additionally, it improved their reputation . A 66 .3 percent increase in ad memory, an 18 .2 percent increase in brand favorability, and 30,000 new followers were identified by post-campaign research . The UK and German campaigns each saw over a million page views .

Best examples of Branded Effects Ads

Branded Effects are a great way to engage audiences because they let users create original content using customised stickers, filters, or other special effects . Because the more creative the impact, the higher of engagement .

@droetker_pizza 3 Shiny Karpador‘s, 3 Mäuse und 3 Pizzen auf einmal! Wer kann mehr bieten? 😮‍💨 #Wettbewerb #Pokemon #GameTok #Freunde #Pizza #DrOetkerPizza ♬ Originalton - droetker_pizza

Ristorante Pizza by Dr . Oetker

Customers were urged by the Ristorante's advertisement to participate in a Hashtag Challenge with Branded Effect in order to discover their #PizzaPersonalities . Before choosing a personality type for the user, The Branded Effect cycled through a number of personality types, including "basic but with a twist," "cheesier than dad jokes," and "sassy but classy ."

The Branded Effect simultaneously offered a similar Ristorante Pizza flavour, urging customers to choose the best pizza based on their personality type . The engaging and exciting branded effect encouraged users to co-create and participate with the brand while also assisting in resolving date-night quandaries by providing users with a simple answer for a romantic evening at home . This campaign got excellent outcomes with :

Oxy Vietnam

Oxy and Marvel worked together to develop a captivating Branded Effect for the HTC . With a hand gesture, the creators introduced their preferred superheroes—Iron Man, Captain America, or The Hulk—before getting ready for the big performance . To launch the Hashtag Challenge, the skincare company also enlisted the assistance of six local celebrities, including Isaac, Viet My, and ST Son Thanh . In the full-screen, sound-on experience, over 96,000 TikTok creators dressed up as their favourite Marvel superhero .

  • 284 .4 million video views for branded effect
  • Reach of 28 .2 million

How to Start Advertising on TikTok in 6 Easy Steps for Beginners

  1. Select TikTok campaign goals : Retailers first decide whether they want to increase foot traffic to their stores, boost app downloads, increase awareness, or draw in new leads .
  2. Select your audience : To find users who are similar to their current customers, marketers can choose between "Custom Audiences" and "Lookalike Audiences ."
  3. Establish TikTok Ad Budgets : After the target audience has been determined, advertisers can choose between a lifetime and daily ad budget .
  4. Create Ads : Next, TikTok PPC managers upload videos or images, or they can use the app's user-friendly video creation tool to make a new video .Go Live : Once published, The intelligent auction system of TikTok Ads Manager will take over, ensuring that the appropriate ad is shown to the appropriate TikTok user .
  5. Optimize : Lastly, but certainly not least, advertisers should use TikTok Ads Manager's ad performance, effectiveness, and real-world impact metrics to fine-tune and optimise campaigns for maximum ROAS performance .
  6. Alternately, get in touch with our eCommerce PPC team to set up a demonstration of our Enterprise plan, which also includes automated Google and Facebook ads as well as a strong TikTok ad strategy .

How To Create High Converting TikTok Ad Creatives ?

Even though the ad managers for Google Ads and Facebook Ads seem to be the same, TikTok advertising is nothing like those services . TikTok has its own set of requirements for successful advertising and native content .

  1. Videos between 21 and 32 seconds in length perform better .
  2. Voiceovers and fast-paced music boost conversions .
  3. Don't forget to add a humorous caption .
  4. Get users involved in your creatives .
  5. Storytelling remains popular .
  6. Combine various ad types into one campaign .

Keep in mind that the best choice is also the best choice . The success of this ad type for your rivals does not imply that it will be successful for you . With this in mind, you must decide which kind of ads to create after determining the goals of your campaigns .

  1. In-feed Ads and TopView are the best options for conversion and engagement campaigns in which they create the highest rates through like, comments and shares . 
  2. In order to achieve the best results for brand awareness and product introduction, brands typically use Brand Takeover, Branded Hashtag Challenge, or Effects . 

The Most Important Lesson from These Top TikTok Ad Examples

Overall, we hope this article has helped you design an effective marketing campaign on this platform based on the TikTok ad examples  .

Without a doubt, TikTok is quickly establishing itself as a leading social media platform, and their eCommerce-specific features are expanding quickly .

The authenticity of the platform is a key element that makes these campaigns successful .

As opposed to many brands regrettably doing when using social media marketing, each of these campaigns tapped into the distinctive features of TikTok's platform and users, working with them to increase engagement rather than against them .

Utilizing influencers, user-generated content (UGC), and custom content, they were able to accomplish this .