best TikTok marketing agencies in 2023


TikTok Influencer Marketing Agencies
TikTok Influencer Marketing Agencies

Top TikTok Influencer Marketing Agencies in 2023

Here are 36 TikTok Marketing Agencies that list TikTok marketing as one of their services . We have written about the potential of for influencer media marketing on a number of occasions in recent years . TikTok is the new name for, a social media platform that had previously merged with another of the same name . However, there is still a lot of room for triumphant influencer marketing success . TikTok has been incorporated into the group of social networks that many leading influencer marketing agencies work with as a result of their recognition of this . 

Top TikTok Marketing Agencies:

1 . Viral Nation

For their clients, Viral Nation organises influencer marketing across all social media platforms, all niches, and all tiers of influencers and campaigns . in six steps they employ a full-service procedure ;

  1. Influencer marketing plan
  2. Finding and hiring influencers
  3. creating and scheduling content
  4. Content is published .
  5. Measure and monitor
  6. Optimize

Category exclusivity and content licencing are two things that Viral Nation emphasises in all of their campaigns . 

They are aware of the challenges involved in using social media for their social campaigns . To reach all potential influencer audiences, they contend that paid boosting must be included in an influencer marketing campaign . Influencers now find it increasingly difficult to organically reach their entire audience thanks to social media platforms .

Additionally, they observe that White Listing paid social ads from an influencer profile expedites credibility and general audience resonance . Ads that run on an influencer's channel typically perform 7X better than those that run on a brand's channel .

The team at Viral Nation can also retarget influencer ads to particular geographic and demographic groups in order to reach potential customers who are part of the target market for the brand . As a result of the campaign, they can also retarget interested customers via a landing page .

Additionally, Viral Nation is a proponent of experiential marketing . Influencers frequently publicise, go to, or broadcast experiential events .

2 . Moburst

Moburst, a company that was founded in 2013, provides a wide range of services, including social search, influencer marketing, and social media management . They have a group of strategists and experts who will handle everything from writing briefs to filing reports .

They not only have a sizable network of influencers from a range of product categories, but they also have the information you need to find the right influencers for your brand, its objectives, and your product . More than 400 creators have recently been added to their network, which they have affectionately dubbed "Army of Creators ." These creators are experts at producing authentic content for TikTok, even though they won't post it on their own TikTok channel, but rather on your brand's account . They have a thorough understanding of the nuances and principles of TikTok .

So, not only may you take advantage of influencer marketing, and also leverage Moburst’s network of creators to supplement your content . This way, you can reduce your expenses as you don’t have to pay for the number of fans and repurpose created content by TikTok influencers .

Utilize the strength of influencers to meet your growth objectives with Moburst, a top global performance influencer marketing agency that aids brands in exceeding targets and taking the lead in their respective categories . 

3 . Ubiquitous

Since its founding in 2021, Ubiquitous has become one of the most successful TikTok marketing agencies . With a combined audience of more than 2 .5 billion followers, it has established a network of thousands of creators and influencers . Over 250 brands, including Disney, Netflix, and Amazon, spent millions of dollars on advertising during its first six months of operation .

Since its founding in 2021, Ubiquitous has become one of the most successful TikTok marketing agencies . has developed a network of thousands of creators and influencers with a combined audience of more than 2 .5 billion followers . During its first six months of operation, over 250 brands, including Netflix, Disney, and Amazon, spent millions of dollars on advertising .

Viral campaigns from Ubiquitous can help you develop your brand on TikTok . They provide full campaign management services, including planning, carrying out, and optimising campaigns . Complete content creation, creative services, data analytics, and influencer contracting are also offered by them .

4 . Socially Powerful

A global marketing and social media agency, according to Socially Powerful They are experts in social media strategy and TikTok influencer marketing . To deliver content that connects with their clients' target audience and is precisely aligned to meet business objectives, they combine creativity and data .

TikTok is merely one of the social media platforms where Socially Powerful collaborates with influencers . They describe themselves as platform agnostic and are happy to work on any platform, whether it be Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube . They strive to satisfy everyone's influencer marketing requirements, from the most important global brands to rapidly expanding start-ups . In addition to working with brands in these and other industries, they also work with brands in sports, fashion, technology, gaming, travel, drinks, motorsports, and lifestyle .

In order to detect fake influencers, followers, and accounts, combat fake engagement and performance, and identify the influencers no one else is aware of before them, Socially Powerful uses best-in-class technology (both owned and partner) .

5 . NeoReach

Neoreach functions as both a full-service influencer agency and an influencer platform . It uses a variety of data sources to develop strategies for its clients . Neoreach modifies its strategies to account for the differences between channels, including TikTok .

The entire influencer campaign process is managed by Neoreach . Steps include developing the creative brief, sourcing and scheduling influencers, negotiating influencer contracts, obtaining content licences and ensuring compliance, paying influencers, and providing detailed reporting and insights . They maintain ongoing connections for potential future activations .

Netflix is one of TikTok's clients of Neoreach . For the third season of Cobra Kai, they made the decision to focus their influencer marketing efforts on TikTok . Netflix looked for content producers who could connect with a wide range of viewers and advance their creative work . To keep track of the TikTokers who are growing the fastest, Neoreach's team created the extensive database known as Tikscore . For the Netflix campaign, Neoreach used Tikscore to activate a variety of unique creators on TikTok . The interactive Cobra Kai Chop filter was made by TikTok for Netflix . The hashtag #CobraKaiChop was paired by each influencer with a unique take on the filter . In the days after the release of original content, the campaign helped to increase #CobraKaiChop views by more than 500 million, garnering more than 2 .8 million views in total . 

TikTok marketing agencies
TikTok marketing agencies

6 . The Influencer Marketing Factory

TikTok is one of the main core social media channels with amazing ROI and results, according to The Influencer Marketing Factory, which states this on its website . It thinks this because TikTok is the most downloaded social app ever and because young people's trendy videos have more viral potential than those produced by older generations on sites like YouTube and Instagram .

The Influencer Marketing Factory acts as both an influencer marketing agency as well as a source for industry education . In its capacity as an agency, it covers the youth-oriented visual channels like Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok .

They start focusing on your target market, taking into account both your current and potential clients . They match your audience with relevant influencers on TikTok after determining the appearance of your target audience (assumed to match the TikTok general demographic) .

The Influencer Marketing Factory works with influencers in order to create the best content for your target audience . The selected TikTok influencers create viral and top-trending videos to promote your product or service . The Influencer Marketing Factory tracks every heart and comment made during the campaign and compiles a thorough report afterward . 

7 . The Shelf

There have been many changes since The Shelf's debut ten years ago . The app was originally called "The Shopping Elf," a sale alert service, before being abbreviated to Shelf . A year later, they decided to keep the name and rebuilt the platform to function as an influencer discovery engine .

As a full-service influencer marketing agency today, they run unicorn influencer campaigns that are shaped by data-driven insights . Their team of strategists, creatives, and analysts works closely with influencers to develop campaigns from beginning to end . They'll assist you in identifying the ideal candidate to realise their imaginative storytelling concept . For instance, they collaborated with 18 influencers to develop a campaign for Sweet Defeat that appeared on TikTok and other platforms . TikTok views on one influencer's account reached over 24,000!

You are not required to believe them, though . Through their own campaign monitoring dashboard, their clients have full access to real-time data .

8 . LTK (formerly rewardStyle and LIKEtoKNOW .it)

LTK, a company founded in 2011, provides tools and services to both brands and TikTok influencers looking to start influencer marketing campaigns on the platform . Creators with a public social media profile can easily find new collaboration opportunities and create shoppable links thanks to their large brand selection and user-friendly tools . Brands can be confident that LTK can help them reach the right audience in addition to connecting them with the appropriate TikTok creators .

Overall, if you have a product in the lifestyle category that you want to market via TikTok, they're one of the best influencer marketing agencies to work with . For instance, they assisted the international cosmetic and beauty company Urban Decay in launching a new product . A select group of LTK TikTok influencers were asked to make entertaining, brief video tutorials for this campaign . Results: 470,000 total engagements at a 25% engagement rate and more than 6 .7 million views .

9 . Obviously

TikTok is one of the social networks that Obviously works with influencers and brands on . is undoubtedly a full-service influencer marketing agency . Every campaign is customised to the needs of the company . For businesses looking for assistance with their influencer campaigns, they provide a full white-glove service handling all facets of influencer marketing .

The professionals at Obviously have a thorough knowledge of the social media environment . They can help you find the best channel for your brand and make sure your influencer campaign is successful . TikTok might be the ideal platform for your influencer marketing if your brand targets a young audience (with a female bias) . Naturally, they'll let you know this and assist you in locating the best influencers for your campaign .

At every stage of your campaign, they can manage your network, including influencer identification, relationship management, and re-engagement . Naturally informs influencers when their products have arrived, provides guidance on content, and checks the content of posts .

When an influencer has issues during a campaign, Obviously quickly and effectively addresses them to keep them satisfied and the brand stress-free .

10 . House of Marketers

House of Marketers is an influencer marketing company that specifically focuses on Tiktok . They are able to deliver results-driven campaigns for their clients thanks to their laser-like focus . They were only established in 2020, but they've already collaborated with well-known companies like KFC, Apple Music, Western Union, Red Bull, Hilton, and Groupon .

With the help of their founder and with his insider knowledge about TikTok’s algorithm,  as a former early-stage employee of TikTok, they are able to provide efficient influencer strategy, creation of TikTok ad content, TikTok influencer campaigns, TikTok ad campaigns, and TikTok business profile content . Through their committed services, they brought tangible benefits to their clients, including an uptick in app installs, improved ROAS, a drop in Cost Per Install (CPI), and other pertinent metrics .

A senior team with more than 20 years of influencer marketing experience is assisting the young company's growth . With staff members from all major continents, they also have a global presence . This enables them to assist international brands in interacting with audiences who are localised .

11 . Acceleration Partners

A pioneer in partnership marketing, Acceleration Partners was established in 2007 . They currently have 60,000 affiliate partnerships with active clicks . 75 million conversions and over $5 .5 billion in revenue were generated for their clients last year . The International Performance Marketing Awards named them Best Agency, among other honours . They work with companies like Adidas, LinkedIn, Hotwire, and Redbubble as clients .

More than 40 countries are served by Acceleration Partners . Their team of seasoned marketers is committed to using high-touch consultative methods and data-driven strategies . These enable them to effectively meet their clients' unique needs and establish a long-lasting partnership with them . Naturally, the agency has a Net Promoter Score of 65, which is significantly higher than the industry average .

Through digital and partnership marketing, Acceleration Partners can support the expansion of your brand on TikTok . They put together a group of conventional and unconventional partners to meet the goals of your campaign . In addition to partnership optimization, the agency creates a unique programme that supports your objectives . They regularly assess the effectiveness of those programmes and make improvements as needed . 

12 . The Outloud Group

Through digital and partnership marketing, Acceleration Partners can support the expansion of your brand on TikTok . They put together a group of conventional and unconventional partners to meet the goals of your campaign . In addition to partnership optimization, the agency creates a unique programme that supports your objectives . They regularly assess the effectiveness of those programmes and make improvements as needed .

A full-service influencer marketing agency is The Outloud Group . They have been running brand campaigns on a variety of platforms for the past 10+ years, including TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram .

Their website states that they will strategically target key audiences across platforms by combining art and science . They will also provide you with a thorough analysis of each influencer campaign you run with them, allowing you to be certain you're getting the desired results .

13 . inBeat Agency

Their website states that they will strategically target key audiences across platforms by combining art and science . They will also provide you with a thorough analysis of each influencer campaign you run with them, allowing you to be certain you're getting the desired results .

Check out inBeat Agency if you specifically want to capitalise on the influence of micro influencers . They identify themselves as a "performance-driven micro influencer agency," and they are trusted by hundreds of brands, including well-known ones like New Balance .

However, if you don't like an influencer, they won't make you work with them . You'll have the final say regarding the creators before starting any TikTok collaborations .

As a TikTok marketing agency, they are well-versed in the distinctive features of the platform . Additionally, they will produce numerous variations of your ads for A/B testing . They will further edit it to produce more winning variations once they have identified the winning ads .

14 . Sociallyin

As their name aptly suggests, Sociallyin is a social media marketing company that focuses on everything social media . Their main office is in Atlanta, Georgia, but they also have locations in Alabama and Los Angeles . They have handled more than $6 million in advertising budget for clients in a variety of industries in just one year .

Global brands like Toyota have benefited from their ability to embrace innovation, incorporate online trends, and team up with the best creative talent in order to stay one step ahead of the competition and forge lasting relationships with their audience . Despite having assisted clients in achieving impressive results, their approach is fairly straightforward . Research and development are the foundation of everything . They will be able to develop a distinctive social package that is pertinent to the identity of your brand and gain a thorough understanding of every facet of your company as a result .

15 . Audiencly

When it was first established in 2018, Audiencly concentrated on developing advertising campaigns for the gaming sector before branching out into the lifestyle and tech sectors as well . Even though they have only been in operation for a short while, they have already worked on more than 1,000 campaigns with well-known companies like Disney, Reese's, and EA .

They are able to assist you with campaigns on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook in addition to working with TikTok influencers . You're sure to find one who fits your brand among the more than 5,000 influencers in our influencer database, which includes names like Hannah Snow and AviveHD .

best TikTok marketing agencies
best TikTok marketing agencies


They advertise themselves as a one-stop influencer marketing agency on their website . Instead of just choosing the influencers with the most followers, they set out to identify the best influencer for your needs with the aid of cutting-edge AI technologies . They employ a thorough, multi-layered selection process with almost 40 filters .

They offer services that include target audience search in addition to helping you find the best influencer for your campaign . Additionally, their technology will choose the influencers with the least audience overlap when you work with multiple influencers to prevent target audience overlap . You'll still be able to communicate with as many people as you can in this way .

HypeFactory currently integrates with TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube . They can help you run sponsored challenges, apply promo codes to further the promotion, and track the results if you use them specifically for TikTok marketing .

17 . Zorka .Agency

Zorka .Agency, which was established in 2014, has collaborated with companies like Domino's Pizza, Yandex, and Hennessy . On any platform, from TikTok to Twitch, they can collaborate with any influencer, according to their website . By using TikTok and in-app networks, they helped Autu .ru, for instance, increase the number of users who use their app and increase user retention . Millions of installations as a result! They obtained the same outcomes for Galaxy Chat using TikTok and a number of other platforms .

Working with Zorka .Agency has its advantages because they have their own internal creative studio that can produce any kind of visual content in accordance with your specifications . Additionally, they can assist with page moderation . As a result, their managers can keep an eye on things and interact with your audience if responding to comments proves to be too taxing .

Their accomplishments have also enabled them to win several awards . For their influencer marketing chatbots for a mobile game, the Global Content Awards named them the winner of the Innovation Award in 2020, and Clutch listed them as one of the top digital strategy agencies .

18 . Upfluence Inc .

Influencer campaigns are managed by Upfluence Inc . for brands directly as well as via outsourcing from other agencies . They support the introduction of new products, raise brand recognition, maximise exposure, and instruct audiences .

They offer high-end services for managing influencer campaigns, such as outreach for product placement and management of influencer events . They also provide the option to create cutting-edge, branded content . 

Of course, Upfluence can use influencer tactics and content strategy to connect with content producers for a video-focused app like TikTok and produce high-quality content .

High response rates are guaranteed by Upfluence's influencer marketing and partner relationship management .

The agency collaborates with influencers on all social media platforms, including TikTok . They assist in identifying the ideal influencers for your campaign's target audience . To oversee the campaigns for their clients, Upfluence employs a specialised team of influence specialists .

19 . Stargazer

Stargazer's mission, established in 2016, is to produce branded content with a broad range of influencers . They accomplish this, claims their website, by fusing technology and storytelling .

They will handle everything, from identification to tracking and reporting . Additionally, they can produce branded content that you can licence and use on your own advertising channels .

For instance, they assisted the dating app SweetPea in growing its user base by running a multiplatform campaign across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram . They were able to generate more than 100,000 views for the app just on TikTok .

20 . SugarFree

The fact that SugarFree can refer to TikTok as one of their clients is arguably the most important achievement in TikTok influencer marketing . They not only set up campaigns using influencers on TikTok, but they also created an influencer campaign for TikTok, which helped Tikok launch in the US and Europe .

SugarFree wants to make influencer marketing more straightforward . They are a diverse team of marketing experts, social media rock stars, gifted creators, and data analysts who are all cooperating . In order to ensure proactive, real-time communication and to produce sincere, data-driven campaigns that truly capture the essence of the brand story, they integrate their team with that of their clients .

They can boast of having built up a sizable network of the best creators whose trust they can count on . They have all been thoroughly investigated and have a track record of success .

SugarFree handles the behind-the-scenes work, such as price negotiations that lead to legally-binding contracts, compliance, and payment . They oversee all influencer management for content deliverables in the interim, keeping campaigns on schedule and within budget . Every post is prepared in advance, and they keep a close eye on the campaign's progress . Their influencers are involved in more than just posting for money . They act as ambassadors, staying in touch with their fans and making sure that their content is up to date .

21 . Engage Hub

Visit Engage Hub if you want to update an existing product in your line or have a new one to introduce . They specialise in developing and executing product-focused campaigns for their clients and have offices in England and Ireland . They have worked with companies like HD Brows, MasterCard, Russell Hobbs, and H&M . For instance, to commemorate HD Brows' first birthday, the company used the biggest UK TikTok beauty influencers to create a custom hashtag . Influencers were urged to produce content in which they demonstrated how to use HD Brow Glue for their followers .

They also have a podcast that you can listen to if you'd just like to learn more about TikTok marketing and aren't quite ready to launch your new product yet . The Tok Show is the first podcast ever created specifically for TikTok marketing and is powered by Engage Hub .

22 . SocialMedia One

The many facets of social advertising are tackled by SocialMedia One, which also serves as a social media agency . Based in Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne, they network throughout Germany . Influencer marketing is one of their available products .

In 2015, SocialMedia One launched as an agency . They view their main responsibilities as an influencer agency as showcasing the skills of aspiring bloggers and vloggers and connecting them with the right clients .

They are aware of TikTok's significance to young people, particularly those aged 8 to 18 . They believe in creating a network between top TikTok vloggers and brands because they recognise that the younger users of TikTok will become more significant as they get older . They note that Instagram was at the same stage of its growth pattern five years ago, and TikTok appears to be there as well .

23 . WeQ

Berlin-based WeQ is a mobile advertising and branding business . They recently introduced the WeQ influencer agency, which broadened their range of services . WeQ INFLUENCERS develops influencer marketing endorsement campaigns that showcase brands to specific social media users around the world .

They begin by promoting a native ad campaign on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube . Because co-founder Elena Kutsopal launched the first influencer video campaigns on musical .ly, they likely include TikTok in this initial list (TikTok) .

In order to provide high-impact results that will reach 100 million highly targeted users in 2019, WeQ believes that WeQ INFLUENCERS must focus on tracking, attribution, and KPI-driven results in addition to branding . Every aspect of the company, from campaign management to optimization, is infused with the phrase "Built by experts, powered by technology ."

24 . Sociably

For the luxury market, Sociably focuses on creating influencer campaigns . When they have clients aiming for the younger end of that market, they collaborate with TikTok influencers . They are aware that TikTok has over 500 million monthly users across 154 countries and is one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play and the App Store .

Sociably is aware of the finer points that distinguish the luxury market, as well as the value of tradition, craftsmanship, and the affluent clientele . They feel that Sociably stands out from other agencies due to its knowledge of and experience working in the luxury sector . They handle every aspect of influencer campaigns, from planning and casting to managing postings and analysing final results .

25 . Digital Sukoon

TikTok influencer marketing is one of the many digital marketing solutions provided by Indian company Digital Sukoon . They understand that top TikTok influencers can promote content for brands aimed at the youth market very successfully .

The company provides a full digital solution to its clients and offers more services than just influencer marketing . By collaborating with like-minded professionals who are authorities in their clients' industry, they aim to provide peace of mind .

In India, Digital Sukoon collaborates with more than 17,000 influencers (across all social networks) .


Through brief videos on TikTok, MANY Performance and Influencer Marketing Agency can connect with teenagers and young adults . The organisation acknowledges TikTok as one of the most widely used social media platforms in 2019 with over 1 billion downloads . They want to assist brands in connecting with, interacting with, and converting consumers . In the Chinese market, MANY also collaborates with Douyin .

MANY was established in 2017 with a focus on Millennials and Generation Z . Influencers, content marketers, and performance marketers make up this young, diverse team, which has members in Singapore, China, and Europe . They have organised events in cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and New York and have developed a community of over 700 marketers and 500+ influencers .

They have collaborated with SMEs, startups, and large corporations involved in the food and beverage, hospitality, tourism, beauty, fashion, real estate, sports, blockchain, FMCG, and educational sectors .

27 . Make Honey

London-based A social creative agency is Make Honey . To assist businesses in expanding and going global, they provide a wide range of social media, creative, and content services . To help us work more effectively and quickly, Honey has embraced the Chinese concept of continuous improvement .

TikTok has rapidly expanded since TikTok and merged . They note that TikTok has since accumulated more than 500 million active monthly users, which is roughly twice as many as Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter put together .

Make Honey keep an eye out for any marketing opportunities that may arise from this, including brand takeovers and sponsored # challenges . They think TikTok is a serious contender for the best streaming service in 2019 .

They have pointed out that, so far, only trend-setting brands have created content for the platform . TikTok influencers like Vikki Barnham and Tom Hooker (a .k .a . OutTheBox) were among the first to recognise the platform's potential . For the two influencers, collaborating with well-known brands on TikTok, like the BBC, has been simple .

TikTok Influencer Marketing Agencies
TikTok Influencer Marketing Agencies

28 . HireInfluence

HireInfluence is known as an elite influencer marketing agency that also works  with top influencers of any niche and sets the trend for others to follow . They have only focused on influencer marketing since 2011, which has allowed them to hone their skills . They offer clients a fully individualised approach, digging deep into a brand's persona to find the best influencers .

Despite having been in the business for more than ten years, HireInfluence lacks internal talent it can use for campaigns . they require labour for campaigns . They also don't limit themselves to using traditional influencer databases . Instead, they use a methodical, data-driven approach to identify the best talent for each brand .

This hands-on, customised approach demonstrates the team's dedication to producing compelling campaigns that enhance a brand's reputation while boosting sales and market share . Customers like Walmart, Macy's, eBay, Tim Hortons, Vanity Fair, McDonald's, Warner Brothers, MTV, and many others have been consistently pleased .

One of the agency's most effective campaigns was its promotion of Blue's Clues' 25th anniversary by using family influencers on TikTok and Instagram to produce content related to the game . The influencers who had grown up watching Blue's Clues sparked childhood memories as they shared their love of the series with their kids . The campaign, which worked with 10 influencers, generated 6 .1M impressions, 4 .5M reach, and 5 .4M video views .

29 . OK COOL

Jokingly referring to themselves as TikTok UK's first and second employees, OK COOL When TikTok began to gain popularity in the West, the agency was one of the platform's main creative partners . As the creative arm of TikTok, OK COOL is well-versed in the ins and outs of TikTok marketing and has already worked with well-known companies to establish and control their TikTok channels .

This hip agency, which has locations in both London and New York, is the go-to group for all creative requirements unique to TikTok . For the brand, they have developed clothing lines, shoppable live streams, online tutorials, and live events . To help brands dominate the platform, they make use of their in-depth understanding of what makes a successful TikTok campaign . They help their clients select the right content creators to work with and the right communities to share their message . Then they provide details on the performers who will enthral these communities .

Numerous cutting-edge companies, including Nike, Gucci, Diesel, Taco Bell, and Tag Heuer, have collaborated with them . They provide a range of TikTok marketing services, including creator engagement, live stream production, talent management, paid ads, and campaign activations . In addition to being experts in TikTok marketing, OK COOL offers a wide range of other digital marketing services, including social media consulting, content and creative creation, the development of digital experiences (including NFT activations), and the implementation of paid social media strategies .


REDPILL is a winner influencer marketing agency . Due to the numerous lucrative campaigns they've run for prestigious companies like YouTube, Xbox, Oculus, PayPal, Volvo, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and LinkedIn, they refer to themselves as an influencer performance agency . They were also one of the original ByteDance partners who contributed to TikTok's meteoric rise to fame .

The agency offers top influencer marketing services such as performance strategies, influencer sourcing, paid promotion, creative production, and ROI measurement . They are selective in who they work with as influencers, only selecting those with a track record of producing results . Before working with an influencer, they set ROI objectives and adhere to strict standards .

They give each campaign a creative direction, but they give their influencers creative freedom . This makes it possible for the agency to create genuine, distinctive content that reflects the brand and connects with the audience . They also create campaigns for websites like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram . They take great pride in tracking not just page views but also actual sales generated by their campaigns .

Due to their meticulous and devoted approach, they have been recognised as a "Influencer Marketing Agency" for the past two years (2020 and 2021) .

31 . LetsTok

LetsTok is the first influencers ad network (AdFluencers) to use AI-driven tools to facilitate collaborations between brands and various influencer types . In September 2020, businessmen Amir Geva and Udi Yadin founded it . You can collaborate with micro- and macro-influencers from industries like business and finance, gaming, and fashion using LetsTok .

The agency has created numerous campaigns for social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and of course TikTok, working with a variety of brands and play-to-earn NFT games, such as Mountain Dew, Streeth, Time Raiders, and Kryptomon . By subscribing to the LetsTok newsfeed, you can discover new TikTok talents, but you can also manually search the website using the built-in search bar .

Finding the ideal talent for your brand, choosing the desired product (a personal or business video), completing the request form, paying, and submitting your request are all that are required to begin working with a talent through LetsTok .

32 . Byte/Dept 

Byte/Dept is a marketing technology agency located in London, New York and Berlin . Dept purchased Byte in February 2021 .

They offer a wide range of services for media, technology, creative, and analytics . The development of chatbots and augmented reality are a couple of Byte's services . Additionally, they are an authorised Snapchat Lense Partner .

The first TikTok campaign for ASOS, a British online fashion retailer, was developed in collaboration with Byte/Dept . Users were urged to display their outfits in the United States and the United Kingdom by the branded hashtag challenge #AySauce .

A branded TikTok sound, in-feed ads, an interactive virtual reality experience, and a variety of talent, including Holly H, the Neffati Brothers, Michael Le, Jordan Fisher, and Luke Trotman from Love Island, were all featured in the three-week campaign .

In just three weeks, the #AySauce campaign generated 448,000 user videos and more than 1 .2 billion views . The brand's engagement rate increased by 15 .79% as a result of the challenge, far exceeding the predetermined benchmarks .

33 . Incubeta

Incubeta is a global digital marketing firm that offers consulting, media services, and creative production as solutions .

Fantastic Furniture is a well-known furniture and bedding retailer in Australia . The company wanted to use TikTok to increase audience engagement and drive traffic to their website .

Incubeta and Fantastic Furniture collaborated to produce TikTok influencer content . To produce DIY room transformation videos, the agency worked with content creators @brookestyless and @georgieandzac . Fantastic Furniture could use these sponsored videos to reach a new, younger audience because of their distinctive content strategies .

Although the TikTok videos were used in TV commercials as well, their effectiveness on their original platform was higher . The click-through rate for the TikTok videos was 8% higher when compared to the other pieces of content . The top-performing TikTok creative saw an impressive 108% increase in the view-through rate .

The cost per click for the influencer content was 10% less when compared side by side to the cost per click for the television advertisements, enabling Fantastic Furniture to reach their target audience and increase site traffic without incurring additional expenses .

34 . Dash Hudson

Dash Hudson is a social entertainment marketing software company with its main offices in Nova Scotia . Global brands can improve their social entertainment and commerce strategies with the help of their digital and creative solutions .

Mecca, an Australian beauty retailer, wanted to increase their ROI by finding long-term, high-performing TikTok content that would connect with their current and potential audiences on an authentic level .

In order to understand trend traction and develop a comprehensive, data-based content strategy for both organic and paid creative campaigns, Mecca worked with TikTok and Dash Hudson .

The beauty retailer identified the best-performing creators and content pillars to use as the basis for the videos using Dash Hudson's TikTok insights . They then used this information to guide the creation of their content .

The brand discovered using both organic and paid TikTok content within a campaign influenced its overall success using Dash Hudson's data .

Following their initial campaigns, Mecca experienced phenomenal growth in a number of areas, such as followers, video views, and engagement . 64% more people followed the account, and the creatives received over 12 million views . Additionally, 147,000 engagements were obtained .

35 . Whalar

Whalar is a renowned creator commerce business with offices in Australia, Germany, Spain, the US, and the UK . They provide services like brand partnerships and talent management .

Chupa Chups wanted to use TikTok to reach a new audience in the UK by creating a strong brand association between Halloween and the Spanish lollipop company .

Chupa Chups and Whalar collaborated to produce some delightfully spooky ads for the Halloween season . Their Halloween campaign serves as a fantastic illustration of what can happen when content is successfully matched with a niche or compelling theme . The campaign's success was demonstrated by brand recall and brand association results of 42 .6% and 5 .7%, respectively .

36 . VMG Digital

VMG Digital is a global provider of creative services with a focus on sponsored video advertisements and video content . They give full-funnel marketing support in addition to focusing on repurposing existing brand assets for content or mobile optimization .

In the Vietnamese market, Samsung aimed to introduce its new Galaxy Z Fold3 | Z Flip3 to Millennials and Gen Z . In order to demonstrate the capabilities of their new foldable phone, the world's leading smartphone manufacturer sought to increase its exposure and engage with younger generations .

Samsung developed the #VuDieuGapMo branded hashtag challenge in addition to a series of advertisements (Folding Dance) . Using well-known TikTok creators like @hoaa .hanassii, the campaign was made more visible and encouraged user participation . Samsung provided chances to win prizes like the Galaxy Z Flip3 to boost participation .

The campaign's results were astounding: in just two weeks, #VuDieuGapMo became the TikTok campaign in Vietnam with the fastest 1 billion view milestone . The challenge generated over 259,800 videos . The majority of campaign benchmarks were surpassed, and Samsung saw sales that were 14% higher than its goal for the campaign .

What TikTok marketing services can agencies offer ?

TikTok marketing agencies typically provide two types of services: strategy and content development/execution . An overview of the two is given below:

TikTok strategy

Agencies can assist brands in developing a comprehensive TikTok marketing strategy . This can involve establishing objectives and a target audience, as well as researching the competition, conducting analytics, and reporting .

It's typical for agencies to use social media management tools like Sprout Social to carry out these tasks, and among the few providers of social media management software to include a TikTok integration . To manage, examine, and improve your campaign, use the TikTok management tools from Sprout Social .

In addition to scheduling videos, you can share presentation-ready analytics reports and manage comments in our Smart Inbox .

TikTok content creation and execution

Aside from managing partial content creation, agencies can also help with campaign execution . This can involve creating partnerships with content producers and influencers in addition to producing videos .

Agencies can also provide their clients with a wide range of TikTok business solutions, including paid strategies using TopView and In-Feed Ads or engagement strategies utilising branded effects and hashtag challenges .

How do you promote music on TikTok ?

TikTok still has music as a key component, even though how people use it has changed in recent years as usage has skyrocketed . Due to this, you should consider marketing your music to the TikTok audience . Start by using digital distribution to upload your music to TikTok . Then interact frequently with other musicians on TikTok by following them . Regularly create and distribute top-notch TikTok videos with your music as the background . Make dances with your music in them .

How to I make my TikTok song go viral ?

Ideally, you ought to TikTok your song . Online, you can find a variety of businesses that can assist you . Even one of the organisations listed in this post might be able to help . Otherwise, engage in all the customary actions that contribute to a TikTok video going viral:

  • Post your music in your videos on a regular basis (in the background if you haven't TikToked it yet) .
  • Working together with influencers
  • amplify a unique hashtag
  • Make a challenge on TikTok using your music .

TikTok marketing agencies

How does TikTok make money ?

TikTok is owned by the Chinese company Bytedance . ByteDance reportedly has a market value of over US$100 billion as of May 2020 and generated a $3 billion profit in 2018 . Users can buy coins in-app on TikTok to give to their favourite creators . Users can buy coin bundles ranging in size from 100 to 10,000 coins . Additionally, TikTok now allows advertising on its platform . Various CPC, CPV, and CPA (cost per action) advertising models are available . A portion of the money paid by channel subscribers also goes to TikTok .

How many followers do you need to be a TikTok influencer ?

On the platform, a large number of TikTok users are regarded as influencers . But there isn't a fixed number that indicates whether you have influence or not (on TikTok or any other social network) . Everything depends on the general subject matter of your videos and how highly your viewers hold you in regard . With 1,000 to 100,000 followers, the majority of influencers would be considered micro-influencers . Nano-influencers are those who produce videos on more specialised, esoteric subjects and have less than 1,000 followers .

How to shoot more than 15 seconds on TikTok ?

Although TikTok initially only allowed users to upload 15-second videos, it now allows for the creation and upload of videos up to 60 seconds long . Clicking the + button will take you to the recording screen where you can record a 60-second video . You can see the word "15s" highlighted at the bottom . Click "60s" by scrolling left on this page . If you want to record for a shorter period of time than 60 seconds, tap the Timer button and move the bar to the desired setting . Tap Start Shooting when you're ready to begin .